Team Coaching for Boards and Leadership Teams

In our experience, very often a Leadership Team doesn't function as a Team

Very often we find that each board member manages their own divisions and functions, and the team assembles once every so often for board meetings and strategic away days, but are they really a team?

It's only when they start to take each others trust into their hands that you can truly say they are a team, at which point you'll start seeing fantastic business results.

We've worked with leaderships teams across a broad range of businesses:

At Notion we are committed to working with our clients to achieve the best possible results and as such we always start with the end in mind. Once we understand the direction you want to move towards, our expert leadership team coaches will work with you on the 6 C's to ensure your programme is successful.

The 6 Cs of Successful Leadership Team Coaching

  • Clarity - working with the team and using a coaching approach we facilitate the conversation to help you gain clarity around what you are trying to achieve and then, clarity over the message you want to give when you speak to the rest of the organisation.  It's only when you have absolute clarity of the goal that you can begin to communicate it to the rest of the organisation in a way that is clear and exciting.
  • Commercial Outcomes - your team coach will help you determine what you are trying to achieve / what you want the organisation to do and, more importantly, how you will measure it's success. There are a raft of different measures of success, depending on your goal. Example measures could be; business growth, staff retention, improving engagement scores or other strategically important measures that effect commercial impact.
  • Commitment & Collaboration - now the goal is set and clarified, it needs breaking down with each member of the leadership team to ensure there's also clarity over the part each board member has to bring to the table. Your team coach will help you to gain the commitment from each board member towards doing that. Very often this stage can be quite daunting, so part of gaining that commitment will be through understanding each others strengths better, so that the team can better support each other and thereby gain real alignment throughout the team.

Seeing the difference the programme has made to the team has peaked everybody’s interest. The leadership team is fully behind this because they can see that there is going to be a clear ROI."

by Ian Woodward, Group HR Director, Caesers Entertainment
  • Culture - once the goal(s) is clarified and your leadership team is committed, you may need to start engaging the organisation too. Your team coach will work with you to look at the broader organisation; are the leadership and management population suitable and able to generate the result you want? If not, your coach will work with you to begin to engage them to support the strategic direction that's being established. There are two key areas to focus on here; are the Leadership Team modeling what they want to see in the organisation, and how does the leadership team engage with the next tier of management?
  • Certainty- we work very hard when we work with organisation to make sure our programmes deliver against the desired outcomes and we continually measure every step of the way to make sure the results are going the right way, and adjust the programme if necessary.
  • Celebrate - ... and finally, communicate and celebrate the successes broadly and widely within the organisation.  This is done in a sustained way to change the background noise and suddenly the goal becomes 'the way we do things around here'.

An extremely valuable programme. Will absolutely use aspects learned today in my working life... and I am sure this will have a positive impact on the development of my people."

by Oliver Meakin, Brand Operations Director, Mitchells & Butlers

Case Study:

We worked the senior leadership team of one of the UKs largest hospitality businesses. The programme has so far delivered a financial RoI of 37 times; here are a selection of the results of the programme:

“Getting my direct reports to own the strategy which I have been trying to get them on board with. Through a group session they have developed their own strategy, and one that we are all now totally committed to.”

“There were 229 outstanding pieces of Safety, Legal and Compliance Training in my District. One month after the programme, there were 4.”

“Massive increase in engagement and different type of conversations arising from using coaching questions.”

Case Study:

We worked with the UK board of one of the worlds largest retailers who wanted to accelerate performance improvements across the organisation, and, to do that in a unified and sustainable way that engenders greater engagement, collaboration and innovation from direct reports and more generally amongst the workforce.  4 months after the programme the RoI stood at 6 times; here are a selection of comments from the delegates:

"This is a really engaging course, it was a great opportunity for the leadership team to interact and support each others development."

“This programme really has the power to change our culture, it’s now up to this group of leaders to continue and evolve.”