Maintaining Coaching Excellence

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Innovative Continual Professional Development for Coaches

At Notion we are committed to not only delivering outstanding Coaching but also raising the standards throughout our profession, and are lucky enough to have some of the UK's most experienced Supervisors and Coach Trainers in our team.

We are therefore delighted to be able to offer this innovative (and affordable) modular programme that will help Coaches of ALL levels increase their standards and add even more value to their clients.

Each Module lasts about 1 hour and contains an easy to listen to interview with a leading coach or business expert, followed by a discussion with two leading coaches identifying the practical applications from the interview in different client settings.

There is also an example of a coaching exercise broken down into clear steps that you can use with your clients. Additional resources include an action plan template to help you or your client work through the coaching exercise and end up with a clear and measurable action plan as well as further background information and coaching ideas around the broader subject.

Modules can be purchased in a number of ways to maximise flexibility to both large corporates with teams of internal coaches as well as a sole trader coach looking to develop their own skills.

You can:

and you can also choose the format which is most likely to suit your lifestyle and deliver the best results..

It's available in different Formats - so you can choose the format that is best suited to you, your coaches' lifestyle or your organisation:

  • CD and Printed Resources (in a quality presentation format for the coaches bookshelf) or for Organisations with multiple coaches:
  • Downloadable MP3 Memberships
  • Fully Trackable e-learning Platform (for large groups and corporate clients)

The formats also ensure that the material is easy to acquire and can fit in with busy a schedule.

For larger groups, the modules can be used on a branded e-learning platform that offers maximum flexibility and full trackability for the organisation. Modules cover some of the leading issues facing executives today as well as areas that are hard to cover in traditional coach training.

All the content is highly pragmatic and designed to be immediately beneficial to the coach. Modules are being added all the time and full details of each module can be found in our shop.

online coaching programme

Modules coming soon:

  • Tools for Increasing Motivation
  • How to Sell More
  • Turning Negative Attitudes into a Star Performer
  • Getting the most from Supervision 
  • Guiding Effective Recruitment

audio coaching programme

In addition to our core CPD for Coaches programme, Maintaining Coaching Excellence, we also have the SILVER and GOLD CPD membership programmes that include a bi-monthly or monthly coaching Supervision session alongside the Maintaining Coaching Excellence modules. 

To learn more about our Maintaining Coaching Excellence programme, including adding Supervision sessions to the programme please click the button below and we'll call you back.