Manager as Coach

A 'must have' course for all managers' development plans

Organisations that have a coaching culture are shown to have more engaged employees and higher levels of team and individual performance. One of the ways to support this is through the up-skilling of managers to have coaching skills to help leverage and develop their team.

This highly participative 2-day programme is designed specifically to give managers that have responsibility or an interest in developing others, some coaching frameworks and tools.

The programme is highly pragmatic and targeted firmly on leveraging coaching to enhance business performance. We work with you to bespoke elements of the programme to ensure that all the live coaching is around real business issues and not role plays and the key strategic discussions in the workshop are based around your current business objectives.

"This was a course I didn’t think would be very beneficial for me to attend. However this has probably been the best course I have EVER attended! The content along with the Coach was fantastic. I really will use many points that I have learnt in my store.”

Store Manager, Sainsbury's

Example Manager as Coach clients:

Just a few real ROI Examples from recent programmes:

  1. Using more of a coaching style during the negotiation of several point of a sales agreements resulted in savings of €1m-€2m
  2. By using a coaching approach our Design & Construction Team found the best way to anticipate the works; we haven't had any claims from tenants on board saving overall €300 - €500k
  3. Coached a new customer into taking a 3-month trial worth £18,000, resulting in a 12-month extension worth £72,000
  4. New cashing-up procedures that allow for cash payments has generated increased revenue of c.£700 per day in London, worth £250k in year 1
  5. Halved annual sickness rate
  6. Quicker delivery of a project, worth £1m pa savings

“I think that by adopting a coaching approach within the team there is more openness to challenge and question, and both myself and my colleagues are thinking about things in more detail to really find the best solution, or what they need to do to overcome any barriers”

Manager, National Express

By the end of the Manager as Coach programme delegates will be able to: 

  • Learn and understand a new coaching approach (that they can use ‘on the job’ and ‘in the moment’ with all staff)
  • Increase employee engagement and lower attrition within their team 
  • Conduct 1-to-1 coaching sessions to further develop direct reports
  • Proactively support the adoption of a coaching culture
  • Develop your leadership skills to benefit customer/ client relationships 
  • Increase their effectiveness
  • Utilise and role model a coaching style with greater confidence

“I’m amazed this course only lasted two days as it feels like I’ve covered and learned so much, from the basics to the application of coaching. I will definitely be using this a lot"

Senior Academic, UCL

The Programme Includes:

  • Pre-work
  • 2-day workshop Covering 2 Coaching Models and over 10 other Coaching Tools
  • 1 reference Workbook & Toolkit device
  • A bespoke 6 week sustainability programme to embed the skills

How long is the programme? 

The programme will be completed over 6-8 weeks. There is a small amount of pre-work to get the most out of the course, with most of the key content covered on the 2-day workshop and the rest of the programme, including the follow up telephone sessions,  delivered virtually.