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Operational Coaching™ Practitioner

A 'must have' course for all Managers' development plans

Organisations that have a coaching culture are shown to have more engaged employees and higher levels of team and individual performance. One of the ways to support this is through the up-skilling of leaders and managers to have coaching skills to help leverage and develop their team.

Our highly participative 'Operational Coaching™ Practitioner' (OCP®) programme is designed specifically to train your Managers to adopt coaching behaviours enabling them to have highly effective conversations ‘in the moment’ and ‘on the job’.

The aim is to bring about a sustainable change in behaviour for your Managers - improving their all-around communication and their people engagement skills, embedding more of an ‘enquiry-led’ style of leadership so that it becomes a part of their every-day management style.

Note; this programme is also available as an 'open' programme for senior leaders. Click here to learn more about the open programme

coaching for managers programme

"The programme is crammed with information, research, discussion, and practice - and although it’s a huge amount to take in, it's delivered in an inclusive, interactive, and fun way which feels very natural and informal. If you’re serious about adding more value to your organisation, and want to use techniques to help to develop others to achieve better outcomes, then this is the course for you.”

Example OCP® clients:

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Just a few real ROI Examples from recent programmes:

  • Using more of a coaching style during the negotiation of several point of a sales agreements resulted in savings of €1m-€2m
  • By using a coaching approach our Design & Construction Team found the best way to anticipate the works; we haven't had any claims from tenants on board saving overall €300 - €500k
  • Coached a new customer into taking a 3-month trial worth £18,000, resulting in a 12-month extension worth £72,000
  • New cashing-up procedures that allow for cash payments has generated increased revenue of c.£700 per day in London, worth £250k in year 1
  • Halved annual sickness rate
  • Quicker delivery of a project, worth £1m pa savings

manager as coach

“My manager told me that this course would change me in a positive way. She was right. It has left me with a renewed sense of confidence. I now have the coaching tools that will help me become a better manager - the real winners will be my team and the customers of National Express.”

"This was a course I didn’t think would be very beneficial for me to attend. However this has probably been the best course I have EVER attended! The content along with the Tutor was fantastic. I really will use many points that I have learnt in my store.”

training for managers

Programme delegates will: 

  • Discover and understand the Operational Coaching™ model that underpins the adoption of coaching behaviours in everyday interactions
  • Have the ability to increase their effectiveness as Managers and Leaders within their role and organisation
  • Understand how to build a reinvigorated culture around team trust, empowerment and continual development
  • Have the ability to hold more effective meetings
  • Understand how to build high functioning collaborative teams
  • Understand how to move away from a culture of ‘tell’ to a coaching style of leadership
  • Understand what needs to change in order to achieve the cultural change they are desiring
  • Be confident tackling difficult conversations
  • Solve problems faster with peers and direct reports
  • Be aligned to a single business outcome and vision

“Every manager should attend this course! You’ll learn skills for life and there is something new for everyone.” 

coach training for managers

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