'74% of People Actively Copy The Attributes of Those Around Them'

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If you haven't already seen the latest piece of research from the ILM it is well worth spending a few minutes giving it a quick read. I have put a link to it at the top of this page. It is a fascinating piece of research that they recently conducted, surveying 2,000 employees working in full and part time work and analysing the extent to which they are influenced by the people they work with every day. 

The most salient point I wanted to pick out from this research and share with you is this… they discovered that ’74% of people actively copy the attributes of those around them’. Interesting. It is also worth pointing out that ‘people are typically not influenced by traditional hierarchies when it comes to who they emulate and are most influenced by those they work with most frequently’. 

So… what can we take from this? How can we use this piece of information to design and implement a strategy that takes advantage of the fact that people are influenced by those around them and uses everyday interactions to get the best out of individuals? Maybe the answer is the establishment of a certain type of culture within the organisation? How about a coaching culture?

What if we got managers and leaders to adopt an enquiry led approach to their everyday management style…. where they focus on asking, rather than telling … where they empower their teams to make decisions and allow creativity to flow … where they support and develop their teams over real business issues, every day and in the moment through asking powerful questions. And what about if they got their teams to adopt a similar approach to their every day interactions? After all, the research did show that people are most influenced by those around them and not those further up the hierarchy. For this approach to be really beneficial, get the most value and have a lasting impact, surely it should reach further than just managers and leaders and become embedded in organisation as a whole, supported and adopted not just from the top, but right down to the bottom as well.

Imagine this picture … everyday the interactions people throughout the business have with each other are centred around support, development and working collaboratively. People are starting to own their own successes and feel motivated. They are working towards a shared vision, a shared goal and as a result are working more efficiently and effectively in their roles. And what’s more, they are doing it themselves. That would be a positive outcome would it not?

What if I told you that this is what we at Notion specialise in; creating sustainable coaching cultures that drive productivity, creativity and continual development through our unique STAR® operational coaching model. What if I told you our number is +44 (0)1926 889 885. Would you want to pick up the phone and learn more?

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Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching

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