Delivering First Class Executive Coaching


Delivering First Class Executive Coaching

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The Head of Fleet Maintenance at a leading logistics organisation explains how Notion’s executive coaching helped him to expertly navigate the challenges of stepping into the senior management team.

“It can be a daunting prospect!”

This is how the Head of Fleet Maintenance at a leading logistics organisation described taking that next big career step. Explaining how his ascent into senior management coincided with the implementation of a brand new commercial enterprise and extremely stretching cost reduction targets, he acknowledges that there were times when he doubted his ability to step up to the challenge.

As an accredited Internal Coach himself, when he embarked on Notion’s Executive Coaching Programme he couldn’t help feeling a little ‘sceptical’. “I wasn’t sure that I would actually get much benefit from it - this was the kind of thing that I did with my team in one guise or another, but actually this wasn’t the same. By the end of the programme I had a completely different attitude.” 

He attributes his change of heart to the quality of his Notion coach. “I found it extremely useful to have someone like my coach, from outside of the business, to help me work through new situations. Rather than going straight into problem solving mode, he really helped me to look at myself and identify what it was that I could do differently to achieve my goals."

In his new senior management position he soon realised that he needed to learn how to delegate more effectively to give him the capacity to concentrate on strategy, to raise his profile and to lobby for internal support for his new enterprise.

“We were also looking to reduce operating costs. This was a huge undertaking. Normally, I would have tried to control everything myself. But spending time with my coach helped me to stop micromanaging and confidently delegate to my team; it also had a massive impact on how I assessed my priorities and managed my time.” 

He explains how his team stepped up to the challenge and took direct responsibility for feeding progress reports and results back to the business. If he hadn’t made significant changes to the way he worked with his team, he believes that they wouldn’t have been able to make the savings needed. “No-one really thought it could happen but we are on track to reach our target,” he says without a shadow of a doubt.

Meanwhile, he was able to significantly develop the way in which he interacted and communicated with the leadership team.

“Being able to bypass hierarchy and have critical conversations directly with the decision makers helped me to quickly unblock problems and get things done faster. This is one of the main things that having a coach helped me with, to massively increase my confidence to communicate effectively at a higher management level.”

He is resolute that without his executive coaching programme, the outlook for the new enterprise, worth £20 million per year, would be very different – conceding that whilst it would have got ‘off the ground’ they would not have progressed so far so quickly.

So would he recommend Notion’s executive coaching programme? 

“I couldn’t rate my coach highly enough. Given my initial scepticism that is quite astounding. My coach uses his experience, knowledge, and skills, and goes beyond what you expect and that is reflected in the results I have achieved.”

What’s extraordinary is the wider impact that this single 1-2-1 coaching programme has had his team and the business. By transforming the way he works, he has successfully transitioned into senior management in challenging conditions, delivered unexpected results ahead of schedule, addressed his work-life balance through effective time management, and empowered his team to achieve their own successes too. 

He is reflective about the future...

“I think there will be even more success to come when I see my team step up and achieve their ambitions. That’s the way I look at it now, the bigger picture, what can I pass on to my team"

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