Establishing your Leadership in Challenging Times

Boris Johnson may have won the Conservative Party leadership contest but he is still to win over the rest of his party.

Getting appointed into a leadership role is often the easiest part of your leadership journey. Unfortunately, leveraging the support of your team can be a whole lot harder - as Boris may soon find out.

There are many reasons why you may not be a popular leadership choice. For example, if your predecessor was greatly admired you’re going to have big shoes to fill in the eyes of your colleagues. Or, maybe there was another more popular candidate who everyone was rooting for. If you’ve pipped another member of your team to the post you may find that they harbour some resentment towards you and they may even try to stir up ill-feeling. For some people, you may simply be a manifestation of changes they fear or don’t want to accept.

Of course, you’ll have to shoulder a little unpopularity to start with especially if you’ve got some hard decisions ahead but whatever the causes of your unpopularity there are actions you can take to win people over.

Working with an expert Executive Coach in the first 90 days (and beyond) can help you to take stock of your new situation and identify what you need to do to make an early and positive impact. Whether you need help with stakeholder management, relationship building, dealing with conflict or engaging people in your new strategy, an Executive Coach can be in your corner during the difficult transition, even when no-one else is.

Having this level of support at the beginning of your leadership journey can help you to overcome initial negative perceptions and enable you to build the leadership reputation you need to make your mark.

Let’s hope Boris gets the support he needs too.

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