Going from Good to GREAT

There is a common misconception that Business Coaching is used by MD's who are struggling and need help. This could not be further from the truth.

Most of our clients are doing an OK or even a good job and have built solid businesses - what separates them from the crowd is that they have decided to become even better. They have got excited about running a GREAT company and becoming an OUTSTANDING MD.

Most people who reach true greatness work with a coach. Take any world class sportsman or FTSE 100 Managing Director and I will show you their coach who has helped to drive them to their level of excellence and supported their journey.

It is a mind shift to go from good to GREAT.

One of my recommended business books is on this very subject:

"Good to Great" by Jim Collins (co-author of Built to Last)

The book (or CD if like me you use your car journeys as an opportunity to catch up with your "reading") is a detailed study based around a 5 yr research project to answer the following question:

"Can a good Company become a GREAT company and, if so, how?"

Luckily for all of us Jim Collins discovers that this can and does happen and gives detailed examples of companies that have made the  transition to GREATNESS.

Not surprisingly some of the key catalysts to these changes are
GREAT leadership, FOCUSED goals and a conscious decision to become EXCELLENT and world class at what they do.
If you would like to learn more about his findings you can buy the book or CD via our recommended reading page:

"Good to Great" by Jim Collins

Are you going to make the decision to become GREAT?

Have a great and action packed day!

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching