Hitting The Sweet Spot For Diversity and Inclusion

Last week, it was announced that Julie Sweet has been appointed as Accenture’s new chief executive. Ms.Sweet’s strong command of Accenture’s business and her proven ability to drive results in their largest market has perfectly positioned her for the top position. The move also represents another female leader joining the most senior ranks in the corporate world.

Far from shying away from the gender issue, Ms. Sweet seems to be facing it head-on, commenting, “I represent all our employees, which includes over 200,000 women,” and, “I have an unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity.

This is a refreshingly bold and simple statement that is backed up by her pragmatic approach to developing and increasing the number of female and minority leaders in the corporate world including the L.G.B.T.Q community.

Julie Sweet’s openness is a very welcome sign of change but it can be difficult to effect real change if people don’t have the support structures that help them overcome the obstacles that get in their way.

Executive coaching is a great way to offer the support people need to step up into challenging leadership positions, whether they need help to make an impact, develop their careers, deal with work-life balance, manage conflict or stress, build effective relationships or build the confidence or resilience to take on that next strategic leadership role.

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