How do you Handle Chaos?

We came back from holiday recently to no kitchen, no hot water, a house that was almost unlivable in (especially with three young children) and just to add to the stress we also had an office move in a state of chaos! It’s very easy to go into overwhelm when you hit moments like this. There is so much to do where do you start?

The risk is you walk around staring at all the work and actually doing nothing!

It’s no different in business. There are times when so much NEEDS to be done, when you have so much you no know SHOULD be doing, that the “to do list” just gets longer!

Three small tips from this week’s experience:

  1. Set or create a deadline - in our case we had a critical business meeting the following Thursday and knowing that first impressions count our office needed to look organised and efficient. So as for that office move in chaos, in spite of the hectic diary we could say with 100% certainly that the office would look fabulous in a few days time!
  2. Baby Steps – break out the task into tiny steps and just start with the very first small step. For example just agree to pick up 1 pile of paper today and sort that out. Do the next pile tomorrow!
  3. Take the hideous long and stressful to do list and plan out the tasks in your diary. Instead of seeing it all as “needed to be done today”, be pragmatic. Scope out when you can do each task, say over the next month, and write each task into a specific time slot in your diary and then stick to it. Each day should now look manageable and be achievable.

Have a great and action-packed day!

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching