How to Appreciate and Avoid Depreciation

Have you ever been amazed at how much the value of a car can depreciate with time? Our Executive Coach, Martin compared this to coaching. Read his wity comparison of selling a car with the value of coaching...

"I'm selling my car at the moment and was amazed how much it had depreciated in what seems like no time. Although I do accept that time does feel like it passes more quickly the older I get!

There are some cars however that have appreciated in value over the same time. My car started at £25k and seven years later is worth something between only £3k to £4k. If I had invested £50k wisely I might now be selling at £100k or more. Of course there are lots of other factors to consider, but the point is that most of us, me included, are trapped in a paradigm that just assumes things like a car will depreciate.

I don't think this attitude is confined to motor cars. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might apply to people too: Some are expensive  to start with and grow in value, but the majority may be expected to deteriorate and depreciate over time.

I'm on my way to a chemistry meeting for an assignment that typifies that attitude. Here's a person that has conformed to that assumption and now must 'shape up or ship out'. I wonder if an alternative expectation might have delivered a different outcome. Would it have reached this point if performance coaching had been ongoing?

I'm more and more convinced that there is a good reason to promote coaching as an integral part of a higher performing business model because it treats every leader like a Ferrari rather than a Ford... Or even a Volvo..."

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching