How To Ensure Your Training Has IMPACT

Have you ever wondered why people are so reticent to attend training events? Or why the training didn’t get the results that you expected? It might be that the initial feedback was good, but no real change or improvements have happened or they are just short-lived.   A superficial evaluation may lead you to believe that it’s because the training content wasn’t good enough, or the trainers lacked rapport, or maybe the food at the venue just didn’t live up to the cordon bleu tastes of your delegates. Possible?  

Dave Winkler, HR Director at Imtech once said to us, “It’s easy to go on a course. You have all the best intentions in the world.  But, other things take over.”  This got us thinking, what makes our coaching development programmes really stick?

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more probable reason for training ineffectiveness, is that there is no IMPACT on the individual or the organisation.  At Notion, IMPACT is paramount.  We start and finish with a clear focus on a return on investment which is notable and measurable.  The way in which we achieve this is by ensuring learning is embedded, and that change occurs, and is translated into clear and tangible results.  When people experience a tangible shift both personally and professionally and that shift is recognised in both soft and hard measures by the organisation, we believe that they become more engaged and more invested in their personal growth. So, how can you ensure your training has IMPACT?


Invest time before you begin any training programme to consider what it is you are REALLY trying to change.  Understand the clear motivations for the training and define in detail what that outcome looks and feels like.  And, what are the broader implications of the change?

M - Measure

Measuring change is crucial to success.  What performance indicators will be affected by the change?  Do you expect to see increased sales, improved client satisfaction, or higher levels of staff engagement?  And, ensure that mechanisms are in place to monitor immediate achievements and results garnered in the mid to long term.

P - Pilot

Pilot your programme.  Making a substantial commitment to a programme before you are confident of its value may result in unnecessary costs and may also cause stakeholders to become disillusioned and less supportive in the future. By testing your programme first, you can obtain real data to help implement improvements.  That data can also be turned into measurable results and social proof of benefits.

A - Align

Align the programme closely to other business processes.  Once you have established that the programme will deliver against expectations, it is important to consider how the programme integrates with other organisational strategies and address potential obstacles or contradictions.

C - Communicate  

Communication is a game changer.  It is important to generate wide understanding and acceptance of the purpose of the programme and what the advantages are for the individual, team and organisation.  Moreover, managers should advocate the essential nature of the programme by ensuring that delegates will feel ‘able’ to attend a programme without ‘risk’ to productivity, workload and other business priorities.

T - Touch 

Touch points are essential.  At Notion we believe that whilst you can impart information, you cannot change behaviour in a day.  So, ensure that your programme reaches beyond the bounds of the workshop.  Plan opportunities for future application, collaboration and communication in order for the elements of the programme to absorb into the everyday mindset of both the individual and the organisation.  For every one day of training, Notion plan a programme of at least two months with 12 different touch points throughout.  

Dave Winkler was converted after attending our Accredited Coaching Skills Workshop - a first class way to test what we do - he said, “I thought the follow up coaching circles were really, really good.  The supervised and unsupervised calls have been superb.” 

Our laser focus on return on investment and our single minded commitment to sustainability is purposefully threaded throughout all our programmes to ensure that all our training programmes have IMPACT.  Moreover we walk our clients through this process to ensure you leverage the maximum value from your investment.

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Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching

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