In Pursuit of Happiness

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has been assessing factors that impact the health, happiness and ultimate performance of managers in their work environment.

Some of the top factors were identified as:

  • Happiness – generally, managers who were happy thought that their performance was of a higher standard. This created a positive work environment. However, an individual’s happiness does not necessarily guarantee positivity in an organisation. Happiness can flow through the various levels of an organisation, creating a positive atmosphere.
  • Stress – managers who are able to deal with stress tend to be happier and more successful. Although, stress does not always have negative repercussions. The right amount of stress can trigger productivity, whereas no stress could breed complacent attitudes.
  • Performance – Senior management, including CEOs, tend to be happy with their performance in the workplace. This is in contrast to first line managers who rate their performance as low. Generally, after two years of joining an organisation, managers expressed lower levels of happiness and performance.
  • Development – Training and development boosts happiness and performance. Managers who consider a lack of development opportunities, tend to feel disillusioned. They felt that coaching training programmes and feedback would enhance their performance and positive work morale.

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Read the full ILM Report here.

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Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching