It's Time for a Commercial Approach!

It’s Time the Public Sector took a More Commercial Approach to Coaching

Whilst I applaud any attempt to introduce the principles of coaching into organisations, I find that there is something inherently incestuous when I repeatedly read about the public sector (academia) trying to teach or introduce coaching into other parts of the public sector - the results may not be those that might have been achieved had the partner selection net been cast just that bit wider.

In a recent article I read, a survey of 500 businesses has shown a disappointingly poor appetite for employing ex-public sector employees, citing a lack of appropriate skills and unfamiliarity with the realities of the commercial environment.  Facing the long-overdue need to manage significant change and introduce more commercial savvy in driving value from the spending of the nation's taxes, where exactly is the new input coming from if public - public partnerships are learning from each other?

A pragmatic and business orientated coaching approach is desperately needed, and that can only come from the private sector and not, I'm afraid, from academia.  Public sector organisations must begin to encourage new behaviours within their ranks if they're to shoulder their share of this economic crisis too.  To this end, coaching from professional coaches that already operate within the Corporate and SME sectors have significantly more to contribute to the public sector as they are already skilled at bringing about quantifiable change within Senior Management teams, focusing them on taking decisive action on the fundamentals that must be changed to improve performance.  These coaches leave nowhere to hide, because that's what they're being paid to do. Less lip service, more change; less comfortable familiarity with the way that things have been done in the past, more quantifiable results.  Public Sector - it's time to shape up for the course ahead. Wouldn't you prefer to be working with a great coach who's been there before?

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching