Lack of Planning is Resulting in Leadership Crisis

Only 15% of HR Professionals feel they have a solid leadership plan, according to a recent study.

Talent and career management company, Right Management, found that the majority of employers were in “leadership crisis” because of inadequate management planning.

The global research involved 2,600 Senior HR Executives from 14 countries. The biggest concern (34%) was lack of talent at all levels. In the UK, this dipped to 27%.

A fifth (21%) of HR Executives in the UK were concerned about leadership planning – this was a common concern for professionals all over the world.

So how confident do you feel about your leadership planning structure?

Some organisations may feel that planning is not essential or a waste of valuable time and resources.

On the contrary it could save a lot of time and money if you plan effectively, to gain optimum return on investment.

It is interesting that a significant number of Senior HR Executives feel this is an area of concern, yet how many organisations are looking for a solution?

Being guided through your options, drawing up a leadership plan with optimistic but attainable goals and a means of how to reach these, is just one way of how an executive coach can help your organisation gain momentum and increase productivity.

Using your coach to help you with your planning goals can achieve a lot – even better is to think about building a coaching culture where more of your managers adopt a coaching style as their standard approach – this has been shown to increase succession planning, decrease retention and improve the number of internal promotions.

All of this will have a direct commercial benefit for your organisation.

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching