Magic Wand Thinking

Inspired by my young children who seem to spend half their free time dressing up as princesses, pirates and fairies, I like talking about "Magic Wand Thinking". We're the proud owners of about 5 magic wands at the moment!

As adults we often get trapped in the cruel world of reality, and tend to consider all the problems and issues before we think about "what is possible" or "in the ideal world, what would I really like to do?"

Just for today try picking up a magic wand.

If you don't have one to hand then you can play the imaginary game of pretending you have one (remember we are getting our inspiration from children today) or if you are feeling more practical stick a post-it note on top of a pencil

Back to the exercise...

Hold the magic wand and ask yourself:

"If anything was possible and I had no limitations...
How would I really like to solve this problem?
What solution would I ideally like?
How would I really like my company to run?
How would I really like to be spending my time as MD? Etc"

Just let your imagination loose for a few minutes, eliminate the negative thinking, stop yourself coming up with all the reasons why it's not possible...

You will find more powerful solutions - and if you can get excited about them it becomes much easier to find creative ways over and around the barriers.

You will think bigger and better.

Go on, no-ones watching, have a go...."Abracadabra, fish and chips.....make something brilliant come out of my lips"

Have a magic and action packed day!

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching