New Years Resolutions 2015

Martin Goodyer, one of Notion's expert coaches, offers five seasonal suggestions to help achieve your 2015 resolutions.

It's that time of year again!  If you've made resolutions before that have fallen by the wayside, perhaps this year the application of science might help:

WILLPOWER IS LIKE A MUSCLE. If you are building a bicep it doesn't matter if you are lifting a bag of shopping or weights in a gym - it's the repetition and growing of the muscle that builds strength. The same is true with willpower. Find a few things to apply it to (not just one) and then don't overdo it. Just like overstraining your bicep it'll be counter-productive. So working it often and with a range of issues is better than a huge push with just one.

PERMANENT CHANGE DOESN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. We're often told that change takes about three weeks. That may be true for some people but scientific research suggests it can happen in as quickly as 18 but as long as 254 days. Therefore setting your expectations for longer time frames is helpful. If you expect it'll take you longer and you plan for it, you are more likely to stay positive and see it through.

PERSISTENCE IS A CHOICE. People are not born persistent, they learn to be. Procrastination will cause a resolution to fail. However tests show that people put things off less when facing a deadline. Therefore think about deadlines differently and create more of them by splitting up the things you need to do. The brain responds well to discrete categories and it'll feel easier to persistently meet deadlines.

TURN 'SHOULDS' INTO 'MUSTS'. The person who influences us most is ourselves and this influence happens unconsciously. For people to communicate, even to themselves, they have to interpret words, many of which are accepted at face value and acted on accordingly. Hearing 'should' suggests only a possibility and an inherent acceptance of failure whereas 'must' indicates certainty and the impetus for success.

EMBRACE POSITIVE STRESS. Feeling stressed out pushes a person to fall back on behaviour that feels safe and comfortable. That's not helpful when wanting to change, however recognising the inevitable consequence of not changing and reinforcing desire can stimulate 'creative tension' - a stress that feels positive.

Thanks for those tips Martin!  To have a free and informal chat about how coaching could benefit your business and ensure you achieve your 2015 goals, give us a call today on +44 (0)1926 889 885.

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching