Nodal Managers - The Key to Successful Change

Nodal Managers - The Key to Successful Change

When undertaking any significant change there are some managers within your organisation who are key to actually enabling that change and encouraging others to get in the flow of change as well. They are who we call the nodal managers.

Within any organisation we have the organogram. We know who reports to who and that is well understood. But behind that there are a series of managers who are effectively the oil in the machine. They are the people who are probably the most resourceful; they know who to talk to in a different department, they know how to address a particular issue and they know how to fix a particular process and ensure that things continue to move.

What we have found in our experience working with organisations undertaking change is that by working with these nodal managers you can influence change a lot more quickly because they are also the bellwethers, they are the people who are being watched by everybody else to see how their demeanour changes, how are they facing change; what are their feelings today, what is their mood. 

They have such an impact on their co-workers that actually through working with nodal managers we can begin to influence change a lot more rapidly.

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