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One of the surprising traits of the 9 extraordinary companies identified by Keith McFarland in his book ‘The Breakthrough Company: How everyday businesses become extraordinary performers’, was that the leaders of these businesses had retained a sense of humour.

Layer on top of this the study referenced in Business Grapevine in February indicating that a whopping 50% of leaders allow their mood to impact employee’s work, and maybe we should ask…

Is there a danger of taking yourself or your business too seriously?

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We all have those days...

Most people have bad days but in a leadership role, the result of a negative mood, if sustained or erratic, can lead to poor working relationships, stress and anxiety and ultimately, lower performance.  

If the leader uses their positional power to communicate their bad mood, this also has the potential to engender a subservience in their colleagues – people cautiously ‘walking on egg-shells’- as opposed to creating the right conditions for courageous conversations, creativity and action.

But what can a leader do to ensure their behaviours in the workplace are positive and contribute to good working relationships, greater work satisfaction and enhanced performance?

The Power of STOPing...

We believe that our STAR® operational coaching model provides a great solution.

STAR® is a simple, 4 step operational coaching model that you can use ‘in the moment’ to create a different and more productive dialogue at work. Integral to this model is the ability of leaders to stop, step back and change their state.

So, leaders should first take the time to STOP!

Each of us has our own unique way of dealing with everyday situations and events based on our behavioural habits. STOP means interrupting your ‘typical response’ and if necessary changing the mood or state that you are in, and making a choice to use a different behaviour to your ‘typical’ one. Managing your state (and emotions) is a great way to change your mood and create the impact you really want to have, and moreover to manage the effect you have on others.

STOP helps the leader to manage their response by noticing triggers and changing their state. This enables them to make a more authentic choice that leads to a better action and ultimately a better outcome. This spontaneous moment of reflection calls upon our ability and willingness to become more self-aware.  Recognising triggers, breaking patterns and responding to challenges, and to other people, in a more conscious and honest way will help leaders to act in a more genuine, ethical and empathetic manner.  

How can Notion help?

It sounds simple but changing deeply embedded behaviours is challenging.  Our programmes help leaders and managers to learn how to STOP as part of our STAR® coaching model in a way that can have an extraordinary impact on you and your organisation.  

If you have any questions please feel free to pick up the phone for a chat with one of the team. Just call +44 (0)1926 889 885.

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching

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