The ROI of Executive Coaching – The Hard Facts

Frustratingly, the myth that coaching cannot be measured still endures.  Why? Because it’s far too easy to use ‘confidentiality’ as a reason to shroud the coaching exchange in secrecy.  Yet Notion have repeatedly proven, whilst still respecting the privacy of individuals at a micro-level, that it is possible - moreover necessary - to set clear coaching objectives related directly to business outcomes that CAN be measured and reported.  

How is this possible? Notion’s Coaching Director, Laura Ashley-Timms suggests we get CLEAR about this…

1.  Get Clear about 3-way Contracting

Often there is a lot of emphasis on getting the chemistry right between the Executive Coach and the Coachee.  This IS important.  What is equally important is that there is clarity and understanding between the Sponsor(s) and the participants of the coaching relationship about what the coaching is trying to achieve.   The Sponsors may include Line Managers, Directors or HR Managers – they too have a vested interest in the success of the coaching assignment and can help to keep it on track.

2.  Get Clear about Objectives

Objectives should be clear, transparent and agreed between all parties at the outset.  If a new agenda crops up mid-way through a coaching assignment this should be renegotiated with the same rigour.  Of course the Coachee may experience a helpful personal transformation during the assignment that deviates from the original objectives of the coaching however this should not replace the intended outcomes.

3.  Get Clear about ROI

All objectives must be linked directly to a pre-determined performance indicator that can be monitored throughout the assignment and at the end of the coaching relationship.  Although most Executive Coaching assignments will produce indirect results, it is important to keep a keen eye on how the original performance indicators change over time.  This variance will provide robust evidence of ROI and defuse any claims of coincidence or chance.

Here, Notion also reveals some hard facts about how their Executive Coaching programmes have delivered an exceptional ROI.

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching