Time to Consult a Business Coach

With all the recent talk of economic recovery in the UK, the focus for next year’s General Election is shifting towards the creation of high-quality jobs and ensuring that wages keep up with the cost of living. Fortunately, small businesses are starting to boom again.

Now is a good time for ambitious businesses to think about expansion. But whilst it’s often important to recruit more staff, move into bigger premises or invest in better equipment and resources, there is another way for businesses to grow successfully. Last month the Chief Executive of the Chamber of Commerce for Derbyshire, George Cowcher, spoke out about the positive benefits of professional business coaching and the sustained impact it can have on a company.

“Business coaching can help owners of small and medium-sized firms with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more. Most importantly, it can help a business stay focused on its main objectives to achieve the level of success it desires. Research proves that businesses which take up expert external advice and support tend to perform better, which is why firms should really consider some sort of coaching or mentoring programme to guide them along the way”.

Coaching can bring about huge benefits for a business. With an objective view, unclouded by the emotional responsibility that stems from owing your own business, a Business Coach can help improve decision-making and prioritisation.

“For some businesses, the need for coaching comes at a later stage, as the business starts to see real growth. Coaching can be critical to the survival of the early days, and similarly during the growth phase, especially for high-growth businesses. It can shorten the decision-making process and enable action to be taken much sooner – the key to surviving in a fast-paced business environment. Increasing a business owner’s confidence and professionalism will also have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and, ultimately, business growth. Whatever the reason for doing it, business coaching is a proven route which firms can take to move their business forwards.”


This is what some of our previous clients have to say about their experiences with Notion’s Business Coaches:

“I have worked with Laura Ashley-Timms over the last two and a half years. I found the sessions we had together, in planning for the future of the business and my own personal performance, to be instrumental in preparing me to lead the buyout for the business. Laura has enabled me to focus on creating shareholder value, while at the same time challenging me to consider the existing multiples and leverage”

Jillian Maclean, MD Drake & Morgan

“Cathy Lasher’s support and coaching expertise proved to be invaluable as the business grew exponentially to a turnover of £3m and an associate base of over 40 consultants in the year that I sold it. During the time that she worked with me, I drew on her skills to help me manage the growth process, the building of a managerial team and the challenges of balancing my own role as founder director, leader of the business and key account manager. I found her unfailing in her passion for the business and our work together and incredibly resourceful in the perspectives and advice she was able to offer”

Sarah Harwood, Director, The Faraday Partnership

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Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching