Tips for Internal Business Audits

The financial year-end is upon us and many organisations will be preparing to carry out internal business audits. 

In order to set targets for the year ahead, use these tips to identify what is working well and what needs attention in your organisation:

1. Be clear

Ensure that you have straightforward and clear systems in place to gather information quickly and accurately. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on your staff to churn out vital information is a clear system has not already been placed to gather it.

2. Value your employees

Show your employees you respect their knowledge and expertise in their field by asking their views on what works well, and what doesn’t. Encourage them to talk openly by listening more. Respecting their judgement will empower and motivate your employees.

3. Focus on improvement

Audits are not just about identifying weaknesses but also acknowledging what is working well. So, look at what can be improved and build on your strengths by reinforcing and commending achievements. Focusing on what has gone wrong can be demoralising and discourage staff to cooperate effectively in audits.

4. Track key areas

How you gather and measure data is crucial to identify where issues have arisen and to monitor improvements. You want to be able to easily track changes and areas that remain static so a robust and comprehensive database is imperative.

5. Reports

Once the audit is complete, share the results with your employees but consider how the report comes across. Balance the results by identifying weaknesses and strengths, what needs improving but also praise for what has worked well. Being overly negative can jeopardise how much effort your staff will put in striving for progress.

Kind regards

Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching