What is Operational Coaching?

Operational coaching utilises what we have come to call an ‘enquiry led approach™’ towards leadership and management where the key is getting managers and leaders to ask powerful and insightful questions in order to develop their teams every day and in the moment, over real business issues. Operational coaching is typically an unstructured conversation ‘on the fly’ that is focused on the matter at hand. Through Operational Coaching the aim is to bring about a sustainable change in behaviour for managers - improving their all-around communication and people engagement skills as a part of their every-day management style. 

I have put below a couple of snippets from my talk at the HR Leaders Conference to help explain in more detail what operational coaching is, how it helps drive a coaching culture and some of the real benefits our clients have seen from introducing a coaching style of leadership across their organisations.

What is Operational Coaching?

What Are Some Specific Examples of How Operational Coaching can Drive Performance and Engagement?

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Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching