What Makes Operational Coaching So Powerful?

Notion’s STAR® model is the first Operational Coaching™ model designed solely to help Managers to develop coaching as a habitual behaviour by adopting an ‘Enquiry-Led Approach™’. This calls upon the Manager to resist the urge to tell others what to do – not just once or twice – but in their everyday interactions.  And the results are powerful.

But what makes Operational Coaching™ so powerful?  

Quite simply, Operational Coaching™ flips the focus of the coaching relationship on its head.  Most coaching models focus on the Coachee rather than on helping Managers to embrace new behaviours themselves. And unlike most coaching exchanges, Operational Coaching™ happens ‘on the fly’, typically consisting of unstructured conversations that focus on the matter at hand.

The key to Operational Coaching™ is in the Manager’s ability to recognise coachable moments and then to use those opportunities to ask the right questions. 

Notion’s STAR® Model gives Managers a new mental model that enables them to quickly and easily embed an ‘Enquiry-Led Approach™’ in any given situation.  This new approach stimulates higher levels of social exchange, trust and understanding that create the conditions necessary to drive high levels of performance, productivity, innovation, engagement, retention and wellbeing – all of which have a significant and measurable commercial impact. 

In a survey of approximately 500 Operational Coaching™ conversations, Notion discovered that the main topics explored were related to revenue, costs, operations, technical issues (including processes) and relationships. 

In fact 76% of all Operational Coaching™ conversations were about how to solve business problems – a strong indicator of the power of Operational Coaching™ on business performance.

What’s more, Notion’s clients reported that by introducing an Operational Coaching™ style of leadership across their organisations they were able to turnaround performance, improve client management, increase customer satisfaction and reduce attrition levels, as a result of having a more engaged workforce.

The real power of Operational Coaching™ is witnessed when these new behaviours embed and become part of the culture of an organisation because the results  just keep on coming! 

Here are just a few examples of the results achieved by organisations Notion have helped to adopt an Operational Coaching™ approach in order to drive forward clear business objectives.

And, now helping Managers to develop Operational Coaching™ skills is easier and more cost effective than ever with Notion’s new virtual blended learning programme,  STAR® Manager – the latest technological innovation in the area of behaviour change.   

This flexible, scalable and individualised learning tool helps to deliver Operational Coaching™ skills to wide audiences at 5-25% of the cost of traditional classroom  based workshops, so you too can experience the power of Operational Coaching™.

Notion is a global expert in transforming behaviour.  For more information about Operational Coaching™ visit us at www.BusinessCoaching.co.uk or for a free consultation and a STAR® Manager Demo call us on +44(0) 1926 889 885.

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Laura Ashley-Timms - Chief Operating Officer