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Coaching Supervision - How to look after the people looking after you

Are your internal coaches getting the support they need? Find out how to look after the people looking after you...

How To Keep Your Staff Motivated In Challenging Situations

According to our recent survey the number one challenge facing leaders and managers, right now, is keeping their team motivated.

What are you doing to motivate your team? Are you finding it challenging? Has the crisis made it even more difficult for you to motivate people?

Read our infographic for some ideas on how to motivate your team

eLearning - Who's Taking Accountability?

The eLearning industry is expected to triple its size from 2020 to 2025, but with 81% of eLearning being self-managed, how prepared are you to take accountability for your learning?

Read our article to find out how our simple 3EL Model of eLearning Accountability can help you to engage learners in their own learning

BONUS: Free ‘How to Make eLearning work’ white paper included.

Are You getting Empowerment Wrong?

If you’re not getting the results you’d like from your team, read our article to find out what you can do to quickly turn this around.

How to Fight VUCA with VUCA

VUCA is an unavoidable acronym which is used to describe the increasingly unpredictable conditions all organisations face today.  We’re pretty sure VUCA is already on your radar but what are you doing to counteract its impact?

Listen to our Managing Director, Dominic Ashley-Timms, talk through how you can fight VUCA with VUCA in this short 90-second video

Podcast: Improving Team Performance through Coaching

We recently delivered our extremely popular webinar: Coaching the Team - Improving Team Performance through Coaching. There was much interest in the topic and lots of questions too. If you were unable to attend the webinar, we thought you might like an opportunity to listen to some of the questions your peers asked and Dominic's responses.

Play this 15-minute audio now.

7 Qualities that all Change Leaders Need

Whatever your discipline, sector, or wherever you are in the world, no-one is immune to the sheer pace and scale of change which has been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. So what does this mean for Change Leaders?

In this 3-minute video Notion’s Managing Director, Dominic Ashley-Timms, talks through 7 qualities that all Change Leaders need to enable and engage others through change.

What To Do When Your Feedback Goes In One Ear and Out The Other

Watch this 1-minute video and learn how to drive performance by giving high quality, encouraging and fair feedback in a way that is received openly and positively.

New Normal - 9 Success Factors for Living in a Rapidly Changing World

Change is the new status quo so we better get used to it.

We can no longer rely on what worked for us in the past because it simply won’t be relevant in the future. Watch this short video about how to reduce anxiety through change and decide what actions you need to take to help people emotionally navigate change.

What Have You Done to Equip Your Managers for this New Reality?

Since the beginning of this pandemic we’ve seen monumental changes to the way we work, but what have you done to equip your managers for this new reality? This is more important than ever as we start to adapt to the new reality.

Read our latest article to find out whether you are equipping your managers with the right support that they will so crucially need.

The Power of Tiny Goals - In Just One Minute!

At times like these when everything is in flux and the future is cloudier than ever, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed by the size of the challenge ahead of us.

Watch our video to discover how to use 'tiny goals' to move you past overwhelm and closer to your goals..

It's Time to Start Thinking about the 'New Normal'

As lockdown restrictions begin to loosen, are you starting to think about what the ‘new normal’ will mean for you and your organisation?

Read our article to find out what you could expect and how you can prepare..

Working through the Change Curve - Where are You Now?

Change. We’re all living through it now, aren’t we?

We all thought we knew what change was and then the Coronavirus happened and we saw for the first time a seismic shift that we’d never seen before.

So where are you on the change curve...?

The Power of Positivity

At times like this, while we’re all reeling from the unprecedented events caused by the Coronavirus, it can be difficult to stay positive.

Is your glass half-empty or half-full?

Must-See Video for Managers to Help You Through Change

Asking powerful questions helps to move people through the change process and cope better with change.

Watch the video and discover some great questions to ask to support your colleagues and friends.

What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The year 2020 is turning out to be an interesting one: bushfires, floods, Brexit, impeachment trials, stock market crashes and of course the current coronavirus pandemic.

And now, just when we’re all thinking nothing else could possibly go wrong...

How To Reduce Anxiety in the Face of Change

If there’s one thing that binds us all, it’s the staggering pace of change that we’re all having to deal with at the moment. As human beings caught up in this change, our response can often be one of stress, dis-engagement or resignation.

Watch this short video, and discover ways in which you can reduce the negative impact of change.

Two Simple Steps to Dramatically Improve Engagement

Did you know that 85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work?

Discover the Two Simple Steps you can take right now to dramatically increase engagement in your team.

Solve Your Biggest Problem in 2 Minutes - Starting Now!

What’s keeping you up at night? What problem is getting in your way? What decision do you have to make?

Whatever the problem, we can help you find the solutions that will help you.

Watch this two-minute video NOW

How Often Do You Do It?

Click here to discover the full survey results and learn how often people are engaging in performance management conversations.

The results might shock you!

Urgent all Managers: You Must Acquire This Post-Brexit Skill Before It’s Too Late

Whether Brexit Day has left you feeling ecstatic or cold through to the bone, after 47 years of EU membership, one thing is for certain: how we do business is going to change, and to survive, we need to learn how to change too.

Read the article to discover if you have the one skill you need to survive post-Brexit.

Do you Hate your Job?

If you’re suffering from the New Year blues, click to read our article before you throw in the towel.

How to Take Control of your Career

Answer this for me: If you could do anything right now to improve your career, what would it be?

I bet there are lots of things that spring to mind. How many of them are about what other people can do for you and how many are about what you can do for yourself?

Click the image to read our article and learn one simple step you can take TODAY to take control! 

This is no Ordinary Coaching Programme

“Bloody Brilliant!” is how it was summed up by one delegate last week.

Read our article to find out why Notion’s AIC® is like no other accredited coaching programme on the market.

Simply click the image to read the article

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7 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Get An Executive Coach

There are lots of reasons why people may choose to work with an executive coach, however, common themes always emerge.

Is executive coaching right for you?

Simply click the image to read the article

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CPD as Easy as ABC

Do you know your ABC?

For all you continuous learners out there, here’s some of our ABC’s of CPD to help you on your way to becoming amazing coaches - and staying that way!

Read our article to learn the ABC

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12 Reasons Why You Should NOT Join Notion’s AIC® Programme

Are you using one of these excuses to stop you from joining Notion’s AIC® programme? 

Read our article and let our alumni delegates put your mind at ease.

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Ditch Your Command and Control

Attention! Eyes Front!

Only joking, Stand at Ease...and read our article to find out why you should ditch command and control once and for all.

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Don’t Wait For A Superhero To Save The Day

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s...

Read our article to find out who the real superheroes are in your organisation - and how you can become one too. Are you ready to save the day?

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L&D - Shut Up and Listen

How much time do you spend listening?

Listening is a notoriously difficult skill to get right but one that you will need to master if you want to build a learning culture with high levels of learner engagement and learner accountability.

Want to become a better listener? Simply read our article to find out how.

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Internal Coaching - Are you Relying on Blind Faith?

Do you know what ROI you get from your Internal Coaching Programmes? Or are you relying on blind faith?

If you want to get more from your Internal Coaching programmes, read our eye-opening article.

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6 Ways You Can Use Executive Coaching to Get Results

Are you using executive coaching in the best possible way for your organisation?

Read our article to find out 6 ways you can use executive coaching to get results.

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How To Break Through Your Career Ceiling

Where are you in your career and are you ready to break through to the next level?

Read our article to find out how to keep your career on track.

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The Seminar Series that will Revitalise Wellbeing, Health and Happiness

Don’t worry be happy!

Stop worrying about wellbeing and read our article to find out what you can do to revitalise health and happiness at work.

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Are L&D Teams at Risk of Extinction?

Is your L&D team at risk of extinction? Do they have the skills they need to survive?

If you want to find out how to help your L&D team to thrive in the future, simply click the image to read our article.

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It Will Take More than a Sticking Plaster to Fix the Wellbeing Issue

Do you want to fix the wellbeing issue in your organisation?

In our latest article, we talk about why it’s time to rip off the sticking plaster and get to the heart of the matter. 

If you want to find out how to create a healthier and happier culture that enables wellbeing to thrive simply click the image to read our article.

5 Key Questions That Will Accelerate Career Progression

“No-one is more invested in your career than YOU.”

People who over-rely on others to manage their careers for them are limiting what they can achieve. Those who really want to accelerate their career will reap rewards with a much more proactive, pragmatic and reflective approach, which can be achieved by keeping 5 questions in mind at those critical progression points.

Simply click the image to read more.

Webinar Invitation: Why the GROW Model is Groaning

It would be reasonable to expect because of the huge interest in coaching programmes and the thousands of people undertaking coach training, that our modern organisations are awash with highly effective coaching cultures. However, according to our coaching poll of over 700 organisations worldwide, despite the ongoing investment in coaching, a shockingly low 3% of organisations describe their prevailing leadership approach as being ‘very much a coaching style’. Even just a passing glance at our poll results is enough to raise an eyebrow or two - something isn’t working...

Simply click the image to read more.

Don't Lose Your Top Talent Over This

Returning to work after a period of leave is sometimes a difficult and unsettling time for people without the right support.

If you don’t want to lose your top talent over this, read our latest article.

Simply click on the image to read more.

What can organisations do to upskill their HR teams and why should they bother?

The CIPD’s New Profession Map calls for people professionals to develop new skills.

Does your HR team have the right skills? If not, what are you doing to upskill your HR team?

Simply click the image to read the article or give us a call if you’d like to find out more.

Team Coaching - Are you getting it wrong?

Have you ever wondered why team coaching hasn’t had the same impact on performance as 1-to-1 coaching but you’re not sure what to do about it?

If so, you might be interested to hear what Martin, one of our world class coaches, has to say on the subject.

To read our interview with Martin, simply click on the image and find out what he thinks is the most important thing about team coaching.

How do you Measure The Impact Of Learning?

Recent reports indicate that there has been a 71% increase in L&D departments saying they ‘feel executive pressure to measure their learning programmes’. But just how many organisations actually know how to measure the impact of coaching?

Are you measuring the impact of coaching? If not, read our article today and start to see the results flowing in. 

Simply click the image to read the article or give us a call if you’d like to find out more.

“Just Do THIS and You’ll Be a Far Better Coach AND a Far Better Manager!”

In our latest article we share with you what other senior HR leaders are recommending people do to become far better coaches, leaders and managers.

Simply click the image to read the article or give us a call if you’d like to find out more.

Everything You Need To Know About eLearning in 2019

We’re delighted to be launching our latest white paper ‘How to Make eLearning Work’ which is packed full of helpful insights to help you do just that.

Simply click here to read a short overview of what’s in it and if you want to read further, click the link in the ‘article’ to download the full white paper.

8 Unique Features Of Notion’s Postgraduate Level ILM 7 Certificate In Coaching and Mentoring That You Need To Know About

If you’re thinking about doing a postgraduate level course in coaching and mentoring or you want to attend an accredited coaching skills programme this year and you’re not sure what programme is right for you, then maybe you need to choose a training partner that can demonstrate what sets them apart from the rest. Click on the image to read this article to find out what unique features set Notion’s Postgraduate level ILM Level 7 apart from all the rest.

Kick Start Your Team With A 63% Boost In Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving

Organisations that take this one action alone are already seeing a 63% increase in innovation, creativity and problem solving. What would it be like if your team brought you options instead of issues? Click on the image to read our article and find out more.

Can you afford to ignore this easy way to increase productivity by 60%

Can you afford to ignore this one easy way to increase productivity by 60%?  We all know that there is a strong link between poor management practices and labour productivity but what are we actually doing to up-skill our managers and are we doing it quickly enough? With such a lot at stake, read our article to find out how you can increase management capability in your organisation and close the productivity gap fast. Click on the image to read the full article.

How To Be A Master Procrastinator in 2019

Put off today what you can do tomorrow. Take these 10 steps to become a master procrastinator. Of course, if you’re already a master procrastinator you’ll probably read this later but if you’re still unsure, read our article now to find out more.

Don't Miss Out On This Quick Win To Improve Employee Engagement By 47%

What would have to happen in your organisation to improve employee engagement by almost 50%? If we told you we had the answer, would you want to know?

Click the article to find out how we have been helping our clients to achieve massive uplifts in employee engagement in just four months with this quick win.

Using ‘Operational Coaching’  to Drive Ownership and Responsibility for Business Performance - A Case Study with Scott Bader

We are delighted to share with you our latest case study with Scott Bader.Simply click on the image to learn how Scott Bader achieved huge commercial benefits by using ‘Operational Coaching’ to drive ownership and responsibility for business performance.

Coaching Skills Training That Can Deliver Exactly What Your Organisation Needs

We’re delighted to be launching our latest white paper ‘How to Choose The Best Coaching Skills Solution For Your Organisation’. It’s one of our most comprehensive white papers to date and packed with (hopefully) helpful insights.

Simply click here to read a short overview of what’s in it and if you want to read further, click the link in the ‘article’ to download the full white paper.

The Secret to Building a High Performing Sales Team

Click on the article to find out how Notion can help your sales team improve their performance in a number of ways, including of course good old-fashioned commercial returns!

Just click here to download the full article.

Using ‘Accredited Coaching’ To Support A Journey Of Change - A Case Study With MPS

"Our journey with coaching started about 12 months ago. Change can bring about a lot of anxiety and you need a certain skill set to deal with that; we didn’t necessarily have that skill set. We were still going through quite a few large scale change programmes and because of this we decided that we needed to put some coaches into the organisation."

Delivering First Class Executive Coaching

The Head of Fleet Maintenance at a leading logistics organisation explains how Notion’s executive coaching helped him to expertly navigate the challenges of stepping into the senior management team.

How Your Company Culture May Be Increasing The Chances of Fraud

Following the arrest of Patisserie Valerie’s Financial Director, revelations about accounting irregularities, missing cash reserves and secret overdrafts have sent shockwaves across the business press and any number of boardrooms alike.  Whilst it’s still too early to speculate about the future trading situation of the company, or the outcome of the any criminal investigation, it does raise a bigger question about how organisations end up in such dire straits and how potentially fraudulent behaviour can go unchecked.

CONGRATULATIONS! 2018 Top 50 Coach Award Presented To Laura Ashley-Timms and Notion by CV Magazine

Congratulations to Laura Ashley-Timms, Coaching Director at Notion on her 2018 Top 50 Coach award. This prestigious honour was presented by Corporate Vision Magazine for her services to the coaching industry. 

Surviving A VUCA World - Is The Focus On Wellbeing Too Little Too Late?

The World Economic Forum predicts that in the next two years, 5 million jobs will have been lost across 12 developed nations as a result of increased automation and robotisation. But, the International Labour Organisation is less conservative in their estimation; they state that across places like Cambodia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, 137 million jobs will be lost as a result of the robotisation of the garment industry alone. That equates to an epic 56% of the workforce.

Do Managers Really Know How To ‘Be Agile’?

Deloitte’s Global Trends research in 2017 identified that 80% of organisations recognise that they need to develop more agile and diverse leaders and managers.1 Indeed, ‘agile’ remains a much talked about topic well into 2018. Although it is a relatively new term for most, it was actually coined by a group of industry leaders in 2001 as part of their agile manifesto to make software development more responsive to business needs. Now, appropriated by mainstream management, the term has spread into almost every aspect of organisational life. Consequently, most managers have probably heard about it, many will incorporate the phraseology into their everyday language, but do managers really know how to be agile?

How Curiosity Can Help Organisations Succeed During Change

Everyone has heard the proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat’ which warns of the dangers of unnecessary investigation and experimentation. The phrase, despite being well over a century old, is still commonly said and is often used to stop people from asking unwanted questions. Interestingly, this notion is reflected in the management models of many organisations across the globe, where information and instructions flow from top to bottom; managers are expected to hold all the knowledge and employees who ask too many questions can be perceived as an irritant.

In fact, according to Notion’s recent poll concerning organisational culture across more than 500 organisations, 79% report that they are still ‘very’ or ‘mostly’ command & control led. 

But, in today’s unpredictable and uncertain times, can organisations really afford to subdue curiosity?

Is This the Key to Restoring Business Confidence?

Recent news reports reveal that business confidence, across all sectors, is at its lowest in 15 months, as a result of the Brexit negotiations and low wage growth. Despite signs of business growth in some industries, optimism is still falling, suggesting that organisations don’t feel confident about future trading conditions. 

The impact of slumping levels of business confidence, not only affects what happens in local and international markets, it can also have a dramatic effect on people working inside organisations. The people costs of low business confidence can be substantial and shouldn’t be understated or ignored, because, helping people to sustain high levels of optimism during these volatile and uncertain times, might be a key factor in whether organisations survive long enough to prosper.   

5 Reasons Why Coaching Supervision Is Vitally Important

The coaching industry has grown at a remarkable rate over the past decade, with people from an array of occupational backgrounds entering the profession. As a result, it has become essential to establish high standards of competence and professionalism in an industry that has few barriers to entry. 

Thankfully, many coaches undertake training and qualifications to set themselves apart from untrained individuals who call themselves coaches. However, it seems that after the initial enthusiasm for training, many coaches are not taking their professional development seriously, with reports indicating that only 50% of coaches undertake coaching supervision post-qualification.  

How to Help The New Kids At School

For many people across the country, September marks the start of a new adventure: starting school, moving up to secondary school, moving into a new school year, or leaving home to go to University. 

It’s a time of great anticipation and excitement but also a time of significant change that can cause feelings of uncertainty and anxiety if not managed well.

How to Get Rid Of That Groundhog Day Feeling

‘What would you do if you were stuck in one plac