The First STAR® Culture Award Winners Announced

Globally recognised leadership development specialist, Notion, has announced that the prestigious STAR® Culture Award was presented to four companies in recognition of their outstanding commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative culture built around the Operational Coaching™ approach to management.

The first winners are Tribosonics, Z-Tech, Amino Technologies and Marchant Cain.

Award presentation ceremonies are being held in Covid-safe environments and we’ve had the honour of completing the first two with Tribosonics and Z-Tech.

Glenn Fletcher, CEO of Tribosonics commented “I’m really delighted to receive this award on behalf of Tribosonics and really more importantly on behalf of the participants of the programme. The STAR® Manager programme brilliantly blended the values of inclusivity and collaboration and has really helped us as a team, at all levels, to bring in innovative operational skills, so without a doubt, I’d highly recommend this programme.

Luke Stanbridge, Commercial Director of Z-Tech said “It’s really great to receive this award. We really appreciated doing the programme and this award is just a testament to how engaged our managers were with it. The programme is really easy to deliver and fits around work commitments so there’s no major time commitments, and they now have a toolbox which helps them in everyday life and work.

The award follows their successful completion of the groundbreaking STAR® Manager programme, which has been recognised by Learning Technologies as ‘Most Innovative New Learning Product (UK)’.

Presenting the awards was Dominic Ashley-Timms, MD of Notion. “We’re delighted to be able to recognise the winners of the STAR® Culture Award for their enthusiastic engagement with the STAR® Manager programme. In particular, we’d like to acknowledge and congratulate all of the managers who participated in the effort to adopt Operational Coaching™ into their everyday management style.

An independent LSE study which took place while the country was besieged by the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed that across 47 different companies, the application of Operational Coaching™ skills drove a 74 times return on investment.

Dominic said: “We’re delighted with these results; they are a testament to just how well these companies and their managers have embraced Operational Coaching™. Many congratulations to all of the winners – they deserve to be applauded for grasping this opportunity to develop their people during these unprecedented times.