Who Says that Love and Business Can't Mix?

As Valentines Day looms, there are many couples out there that rue the day they decided to go into business with their loved one or found love in the workplace.

However, as Laura Ashley-Timms, from leading business coaching company, Businesscoaching.co.uk explains, whilst you do put yourself in a risky situation, you can minimise the risk with some easy rules to help your love life and work life stay on track.

"Over the past ten years, since the formation of Businesscoaching.co.uk, I have talked through this situation many times with a wide variety of clients. Couples fear the worst - that their two lives will clash and that their relationship will be damaged, but this doesn't have to happen if you follow our 7 simple ground rules of working together " explains Ashley-Timms, Director of Coaching.

The team at BusinessCoaching.co.uk has coached and mentored over 5000 businesses, many of them run by husband and wife teams and couples romantically involved. To coincide with Valentines Day, the company has put together a special guide called "7 Rules to Stay in Love and Successfully Work Together!" In it they share their experience to business partners and couples at work on how to make their relationship work both in business and in love.

"These rules are simple to discuss and implement. For example take the communication rule; you need to agree with your partner the methods you will and won't use both in and out of the office. You may agree never to shout when you have a disagreement or to always respond to an urgent request within an agreed timeframe" explains Ashley-Timms, "There's absolutely no reason why couples can't be a success in business, it just takes a little time and effort to take a step back from the situation and talk through how it is going to work for both parties."

For more information and to download the free guide "7 Rules to Stay in Love and Successfully Work Together!"

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