Professional Coaches

Are you an independent Executive or Business Coach?

If "yes", you've come to the right page!

You may be one of our peers who's running a profitable full time practice, you may be an associate with a reputable coaching business, or a franchise owner with one of the national or international coaching businesses, or simply a qualified coach who has yet to turn your skills into your main revenue stream but would like to continue to develop as a coach.

Wherever you are in your journey, if you are already accredited as a coach, and interested in continuing to improve your coaching performance and / or grow your coaching business, then the options and resources on this page should be helpful.

As a professional coaching company we insist that all our coaches have their own coach (to walk the talk) as well as a Supervisor.

Are you attending regular coaching Supervision sessions?

Do you currently have a Coach?

If you have answered "NO" to either of these questions and know that the answer should have been "YES" - read on!

If you already have a Coach and a Supervisor then scan down to our section below on CPD for Coaches

Supervision for Coaches

We offer 1-to-1 Supervision sessions for coaches of all levels. Full information can be found on the dedicated Supervision for Coaches page.

If you are part of a coaching circle and the whole group would like supervision we can also deliver group supervision sessions, as long as you can provide an established group to supervise!

Just call us on  01926 889885 or book a free consultation or just email us by clicking below.

1-to-1 Coaching for Coaches

Any of our 1-to-1 coaching programmes for Business Owners would work extremely well for a coach, but depending on your coaching goals and objectives you may not require any of the more intense programmes. One of the 'starter' packages would probably be more suitable or we could agree a bespoke package based on telephone or video Skype support.

Whatever package you choose, we have a number of coaches who have a lot of experience coaching coaches, and we could schedule an initial chemistry session with one of them.

Just call us on  01926 889885 or book a free consultation or just email us by clicking below.

CPD for Coaches

Continual Professional Development is important for all coaches, and many of us have to keep a log of our CPD as part of our professional standards. We may read business books, coaching books and attend masterclasses and or seminars. All these are great ways of managing your CPD however, because they are mostly ad hoc in nature, we were struggling to find a way of ensuring that we were regularly improving ourselves.

This is where our CPD for Coaches programme "Maintaining Coaching Excellence" comes in. The core programme (and the most cost effective way of receiving it) is as a monthly membership programme.  Every month you receive an audio plus worksheets. A coaching expert is interviewed on a specific coaching subject and two other highly experienced coaches discuss different ways to apply the knowledge in your coaching sessions. There are also example coaching exercises and more background information around the subject.

There are three levels to the programme:

  • Maintaining Coaching Excellence BRONZE £49.77 + vat per month
  • Maintaining Coaching Excellence SILVER (the full audio programme plus 1 hr of 1-to-1 Supervision or Coaching every other months) from £165 + vat per month
  • Maintaining Coaching Excellence GOLD (the full audio programme plus 1 hr of 1-to-1 Supervision or coaching every month) from £289 + vat per month

More information about the monthly programme (and individual modules) can be found on the Maintaining Coaching Excellence page. You are also able to purchase one off modules if you have specific needs that you want to meet.

We also offer a completely FREE 1 month trial of the Bronze programme - so please do send off for it today.

cpd for coaches

Business Growth Programmes

If you are interested in growing your coaching business and are not in a position to invest in 1-to-1 coaching or supervision at this stage, then you may also find our Business Success Strategies programme of value, as it is designed to help MD's of Businesses (normally sub £1m turnover) build successful and fast growing businesses. Starting from just £39.77 per month.

NB: If you are already subscribed to CPD for Coaches then there is a special programme of Business Success Strategies just for you!

In addition to all of the above you are welcome to sign up to our free Business Tips or download any of our free reports, articles and resources from around the website.

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