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Read our psychobabble free Blog...where we share our views and ideas around a number of Business subjects and make suggestions of actions you can take to improve your performance and hopefully your bottom line too.

Our Videos

We have sprinkled some videos around the site, here is a summary of them with quick links to the relevant pages. Please note, some are just for fun! 

"The Biggest reasons to consider Business Coaching... and to call us NOW!" video series - a summary of some of the big reasons who may find coaching beneficial and a chance to meet some of our business coaches;

Everything you ever wanted to know about Business Coaching… but were afraid to ask! - a visual way to acquire the coaching FAQs

An Introduction to Business Success Strategies - the experts from some of Business Success Strategies modules introduce themselves

Introducing your very own Master-Mind Group - an explanation of how a group mentoring programme would work

I don't need coaching - a novel look at a possible coaching interaction

I still don't need coaching - another 'comic' coaching interaction

Maybe there's another solution - here to entertain...


Download our coaching articles that are either a) written by us or b) just worth a read!

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We have detailed for you companies that we are happy to recommend and briefly explain why we think they worth considering.

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Our Products

This page details some of our newer and innovative products including 'Business Success Strategies' our business growth membership programme as 'Maintaining Coaching Excellence' our CPD programme for Coaches.