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How To Make eLearning Work

In our latest white paper ‘How to Make eLearning Work’, we will share with you some of the insights we’ve gathered during our intensive two year programme of research and development which culminated in the launch of our groundbreaking, 100% virtual, fully blended, management development programme STAR® Manager.

We hope that our ideas and insights will be useful in guiding others through their own learning journey, and in some way, contribute to the overall quality and effectiveness of eLearning in organisations as a whole.

Part 1 looks at the rise of eLearning in the workplace and the limitations organisations need to overcome. Part 2 explores the conditions that need to exist for eLearning to work well. In Part 3, we ask the big questions and give guidance about how to implement eLearning strategies as well as offering a ‘blueprint tool’ that can be used to help design effective eLearning policies. Part 4 explores some future considerations for learning in an online world, and, finally, in Part 5, we reflect upon how important it is for organisations to re-evaluate their learning and development strategies in order to remain relevant and competitive in the new world.

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How to Choose The Best Coaching Skills Solution For Your Organisation

Coaching has become increasingly popular as a learning and development strategy in organisations, with many rating it as the third most commonly used tool. This suggests that coaching is being embraced by organisations and is perceived as playing an important commercial role.

Indeed, carefully embedded coaching skills should bring about enormous benefits for organisations, however, in terms of effectiveness, CIPD reports show that coaching still falls behind in-house development programmes and on the job training.

It seems that despite its popularity, organisations are finding it really difficult to translate the practice of coaching into tangible outcomes. So what is happening?

In part one of our white paper, we start by exploring some of the obstacles that hinder the effectiveness of coaching in organisations. In part two, we provide top tips to help organisations make the best choice of coaching skills training based on their own specific needs.

We put all of this into context in part three, by presenting some of our client case studies, each representing a different way of bringing coaching skills into their organisations and demonstrating the fantastic results they were able to achieve by following our top tips. In response to the many frequently asked questions we receive, part four will address the issues that are commonly raised by organisations wanting to make the right decision.

Lastly, in part five, we offer our final thoughts about what really makes coaching skills training effective in organisations.

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6 Common Executive Coaching Myths BUSTED!

In this white paper, we debunk six of the most common myths that prevent executive coaching from being super successful and show you what you need to do to make sure executive coaching delivers significant and sustainable changes for you and your organisation.

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7 Ideas To Help Build A Sustainable Coaching Culture

As the modern workplace environment continues to change at pace, the need for a more enlightened approach to management has never been more urgent. 

No longer will people put up with the traditional, desk-thumping ‘command and tell’ before packing their bags and moving on — instead, retention has become the focus for most employers. 

And with that focus, comes the need to engage people differently so that they’ll stay for longer than the projected average of less than two years for Millennials...

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A New Frontier: Re-inventing Performance Management for Commercial Success

Great Managers understand that they need to move away from this notion of ‘managing performance’ and instead focus on how they can ‘enable performance’ which is much more about creating an engaging culture that changes the conversation within the organisation and engenders high levels of curiosity. Through ‘enquiry’ Managers can enable greater levels or engagement, contribution, and performance.

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How to Create Organisational Agility in Times of Unprecedented Change

It’s hard to overstate the unprecedented pace of change that every organisation faces in today’s VUCA world. The future is more unpredictable than ever before and this has already caused many organisations to strain (and break) under the pressure.

According to Dominic Ashley-Timms, Managing Director at Notion,”In order to survive this onslaught of change, organisations need to displace typical organisational dynamics and traditional models of management with a more agile way of existing that increases the organisation’s ability to respond rapidly to change.” 

Here, Dominic explains why he thinks it’s time for organisations to get beyond the ‘What’ and start implementing the ‘How’ by learning to generate high levels of enquiry.

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The Forgotten Variable in the Change Equation

The world is changing rapidly. The only thing we can rely on during this period of uncertainty is that there is more change to come. Dealing effectively with shifts on every level is a crucial skill for any organisation that wants to meet the future head on and succeed.

Notion can give you the tools to break out of old models of thought. Innovation, creativity and evolution are the only ways to survive and thrive in a culture of change. The outside perspective can help you recognise the areas where your organisation needs to adapt.