Free Webinar Managing Stress and Overwhelm

The Coronavirus crisis has resulted in rapid changes to the way we work, live and connect causing many of us to experience a certain degree of stress.

While a little stress can be helpful to motivate us, too much stress can negatively impact on our wellbeing and on our performance, so it’s important to understand how to recognise when you or your colleagues are feeling overwhelmed and know what to do about it.

That’s why we have created this FREE Managing Stress and Overwhelm Webinar.

This complimentary webinar is an opportunity for you to focus on how you can enable yourself and your colleagues to overcome a state of ‘overwhelm’, de-stress and refocus.

Simply block out 30 minutes on: Thursday 7th May at 12 noon

During the session you’ll learn how to recognise when you or your colleagues are overwhelmed and create a process to download everything that has caused the overwhelm. Importantly, you’ll also learn how to refocus, prioritise and create an action plan in order for you to move past overwhelm.

Don’t miss out…The webinar will last approximately 30 minutes, which includes a presentation and a live Q&A session. Sign up now.