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7 Ideas To Help Build A Sustainable Coaching Culture (White Paper)

As the modern workplace environment continues to change at pace, the need for a more enlightened approach to management has never been more urgent. 

No longer will people put up with the traditional, desk-thumping ‘command and tell’ before packing their bags and moving on — instead, retention has become the focus for most employers. 

And with that focus, comes the need to engage people differently so that they’ll stay for longer than the projected average of less than two years for Millennials...

The Forgotten Variable in the Change Equation (White Paper)

The world is changing rapidly. The only thing we can rely on during this period of uncertainty is that there is more change to come. Dealing effectively with shifts on every level is a crucial skill for any organisation that wants to meet the future head on and succeed.

Notion can give you the tools to break out of old models of thought. Innovation, creativity and evolution are the only ways to survive and thrive in a culture of change. The outside perspective can help you recognise the areas where your organisation needs to adapt.

How to Unite a Multi-Generational Workforce one Question at a Time

In 2017 Generation Z will enter the workplace for the first time. They will join a diverse workforce made up of five generations. This multi-generational workforce will challenge the way in which organisations attract, recruit, engage and manage talent.

Many organisations will respond by reviewing their structures and processes to cope with the competing needs of its people. But will this be sufficient to harness the rich experience and diverse skills of a multi-generational workforce? 

To really merge five generations, organisations must first address how to unite a multitude of expectations and motivations.

Are Performance Appraisals Pre-Historic?

The annual performance appraisal has been institutionalised in most organisations and it is, to many, a familiar foe.

But, is the process really adding any value in today’s organisation? Read our article to find out why we believe the traditional appraisal may soon become a thing of the past.

The Missing Ingredient to Culture Change

You probably have your own perceptions of what coaching is. Perhaps you already engage Executive Coaches to work with specific individuals or maybe you operate your own internal coaching function. 

And maybe, coaching just hasn’t delivered the results you had hoped for? Operational Coaching offers an alternative that can transform the way you think about coaching in your organisation. This change in mindset can revolutionise the way people engage with each other and can deliver truly remarkable commercial results. 

Notion’s Managing Director, Dominic Ashley-Timms, challenges the common perceptions about coaching by firstly telling us exactly what Operational Coaching is not.

STOP - Is Your Bad Mood Killing Your Teams Performance?

Most people have bad days but in a leadership role, the result of a negative mood, if sustained or erratic, can lead to poor working relationships, stress, anxiety and ultimately, lower performance. 

Read our article to learn how to STOP and leverage the advantages of consistently managing your mood in the workplace.

5 Ways To Get Your Initiative Off The Ground

You’ve been here before. A great idea, a well thought through cost projection and a host of anticipated benefits – but the idea fails to secure the support of the senior team. So, what happened?

Download our article to discover 5 ways that will help you win over the leadership team and get your initiative off the ground.

How To Ensure Your Training Has IMPACT

Have you ever wondered why people are so reticent to attend training events? Or why the training didn’t get the results that you expected? It might be that the initial feedback was good, but no real change or improvements have happened or they are just short-lived. 

A superficial evaluation may lead you to believe that it’s because the training content wasn’t good enough, or the trainers lacked rapport, or maybe the food at the venue just didn’t live up to the cordon bleu tastes of your delegates. Possible?

A more probable reason for training ineffectiveness, is that there is no IMPACT on the individual or the organisation. So, how can you ensure your training has IMPACT?

No More Excuses, You Can Measure ROI

We often hear the excuse that because of the confidential nature of coaching, it cannot be measured in hard terms. 

Our survey of over 700 companies supports this premise, with a huge 93% of senior executives telling us that they have no idea what the typical ROI of their coaching programme is. 

We say, no more excuses, you can measure ROI. Read our article to find out how you too could deliver commerical returns from your coaching programmes ...

Iceland: Busting The Myth About Executive Coaching

We know from our survey to over 700 global organisations that many organisations when asked see coaching as remedial. 

It's time to bust the myth - Executive Coaching is not an emergency service! 

Discover in this article how Iceland have unleashed the true potential of coaching in supporting their talent.

Why Human Relationships are Critical to the Success of the Automated Workplace

With 54% of companies admitting to have already begun the automation of their businesses there is an inevitable impact on the role of the human being in the workplace.

This article looks at why human relationships are so critical to the success of the automated workplace.

Why the Grow Model is Groaning...

Business itself has changed dramatically over the past few years. To survive, companies have trimmed every ounce of fat from their payrolls while straining every sinew not only to keep customers but also to get new ones. 

Gone were the days when key staff could spend hours away from critical operations. Many companies have survived this change, but far fewer coaching programmes did. 

Why? One reason is the way coaching training is delivered: the GROW model. It's the basis for pretty much all coaching training in the UK, and it's worn out.

Top Tips For Choosing the Right Coaching Skills Training Course...

There are so many training organisations out there claiming to deliver effective coaching skills training.

The array of choice can be overwhelming and is enough to turn the task of choosing your course in to a real chore.

So in this article we outline our ‘top tips’ for choosing the best coaching skills course.

How To Develop the How

Leaders and managers are often excellent at identifying 'what’ they want to do but sometimes overlook 'how’ they can achieve it. In this blog we explore how managers can effectively develop the 'how'.

Case Study: Birmingham City Council 

Fast performing improvements at Birmingham City Council - Andrea Burns talks about her experiences of working with Notion

How To Guarantee Success From Your Assessment Centre

Despite almost a fifth of organisations claiming that an assessment centre is one of their top 3 most used talent management activities, only 16% of organisations rated them as one of their top 3 most effective activities.

The Importance of Supervision

For both the Internal Coach and the internal coaching function, qualified supervision is not only desirable but it is also essential for sustainable and effective coaching practice. 

The GROW Model - It's Not The Future

Organisations are increasingly embracing coaching as a method of supporting people to address relationships, performance, career challenges, and issues about wellbeing. It is a task often outsourced to external executive coaches but more frequently coaching is also provided by internal coaching functions.

But is this approach right for you? 

We recon there might be something that would benefit you even more...

How To Get a Better Answer - Ask a Better Question

Whilst we often hear that ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’, and know intellectually that this is true, we are still typically creatures of habit.The challenge is breaking the habit.

So when faced with a personal challenge, or a difficult issue stemming from your team, your manager or your customer, stop, step back and ask a better question.

The Power of Positivity

Having just had the most difficult and stressful 2 days, writing this article was an interesting experience!  

Facing adversity whilst remaining positive is a major challenge for most of us but incredibly powerful… So is your glass half full or half empty?

This is a huge topic. If you search for Positive Thinking on Google you will get 48 million references! So clearly we are only going to be able to scratch the surface here today.I would like to introduce you to two characters – one, in my opinion, runs their organisation with a ‘Half Empty’ philosophy. The second lives their life ‘Half Full’. 

I would then like to talk a little bit about the impact of having either a half empty or a half full philosophy.

Onboarding - A Bespoke Approach That Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity 

Approximately 25% of the working population make a job move every year.

According to a study by Oxford Economics in 2014 it costs organisations a staggering £30,000 to replace a single job.

So, is loss of productivity inevitable and can it be minimised?
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Is Coaching a Dirty Word?

Although a relatively modern phenomenon, coaching has reached the mainstream in organisational life.

Often confined to the C-suite and used sparingly as a performance intervention, there is an air of mystery about what coaching is exactly.

Unsurprisingly, when coaching appears on the learning and development agenda, it can be received with scepticism and distrust. So, perhaps coaching IS a dirty word.

To find out, we surveyed over 700 organisations and asked them what coaching meant to them.
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Executive Coaching Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache!

An estimated $1bn is spent on coaching in the US every year and in 2016 73% of blue chip organisations reported that they were increasing their spending on coaching.

With some of the most applauded companies leading the way, it is patently clear that organisations are now recognising how executive coaching can help unleash and leverage their leadership talent for competitive gain. But the UK seems to be lagging behind.


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The Impact of Disruption on Coaching

In this fast changing world, how does coaching stay at the forefront of the change agenda in order to support organisations to address the new challenges they face?  

Read our latest article about how disruption is impacting coaching in organisations

·       How the speed of change is affecting the political landscape, economic stability, legislation and social balance.

·       How having less time changes the dynamics of coaching relationships.

·       How to retain the quality of bite-sized learning and development. 

·       How critical it is to measure ROI to demonstrate the impact of coaching on commercial results.

·       How technology has created a global market place for coaching and simultaneously increased competition.

·       How new and innovative coaching practices can be blended with highly personal face to face coaching.

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