Whether You Have 2 Managers or 20,000 Managers, This Programme Will Transform Them In Just 12 Weeks... and You'll Become The ROCKSTAR Of Your Organisation!


STAR® will transform your managers and their interactions with others... their teams, their colleagues, their line managers and even their relationships outside of work!

This multi-award-winning, online and blended management programme can be completed any time, any place, anywhere and on any device... as long as learners have an internet connection. They can start the programme immediately and complete it in as little as 3 months... and even gain a prestigious qualification in the process! There's no onerous paperwork or assessments, and most of the learning can be integrated into the normal working day.


10-20 online modules available on smartphone, tablet and computer... as long as learners have internet they can complete the programme any time, any place, anywhere


Global experts to support learners in optional fortnightly live masterclasses... and an in-house team who's mission is YOUR success


Learners set aside just 20-40 minutes per week, at a time, and they'll be transformed in just 10-12 weeks!

management training programme

This programme will give managers the skills needed to become a exceptional people Managers including...

  • How to deliver more effective feedback
  • How to ask insightful and powerful questions that deliver better longer-term results
  • Develop the ability to listen actively and intuitively
  • Identify how to use triggers to stop habitual responses
  • How to manage 1:1s with team members to ensure positive progress is being made

  • How to empower and enable their teams to step-up
  • How to gain commitment from others and follow-up on actions
  • The importance of beliefs and values in affecting behaviour
  • How to handle difficult conversations
  • How using a 'Coaching' leadership style gets results

... and because of the 'Learn-Do-Review' learning approach, the new skills are embedded and sustained, leading to transformations in engagement, performance and productivity across organisations!


This programme will give managers the skills needed to become a exceptional people Managers including...

  • Quizzes - There is a quiz every 3-4 modules to check understanding
  • Scenario Videos - Interactive drama videos are built into the journey where learners make decisions to help some of the managers at a company called ‘Rocket’.
  • Missions - After every module, learners are set a simple work-based mission to practise the skills they have just learned
  • eLearning - Each module has a range of different interactive e-learning exercises to keep learners engaged and actively participating
  • Masterclasses - Learners can join the fortnightly masterclasses with our global experts to share learnings, best practice and engage with others on the programme
  • PDFs - Key concepts, models, exercises and tools can all be downloaded as PDFs and turned into a fantastic toolkit and ongoing resource bank for learners
  • And So Much More...


STAR® is a fully supported development programme, therefore, in addition to the excellent online content, learners will also get invitations to fortnightly masterclasses with some of the worlds most experienced tutors as well as full programme management support with our dedicated Client Success Team.

Their mission is your success.

Detailed below are the elements included within the programme.

  • Up to 20 modules of interactive content containing a blend of 18 different learning activity types
  • A number of different recorded Programme Assessments
  • Programme Success Tracker
  • Learners are not alone! Dedicated telephone and email support from the Client Success Team during office hours (Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm GMT)

  • Fortnightly Masterclasses with a World-Class Tutor (attendance is optional)
  • Workplace Missions and Learning Log Reflection exercises
  • Programme PDF Toolkit
  • Optional Ofqual qualifications in STAR® Operational Coaching™

coach training for managers

In 2020, London School of Economics (LSE) and Notion participated in an UK Government trial to discover the impact that the STAR® programme could have on management behaviour.

Across 60 organisations, encompassing all sectors, and during the Covid pandemic the following results were achieved;

  • 74 x Return on Investment per Learner
  • Time learners spent Coaching & Leading increased by up to 70%
  • Time learners spent Managing & Doing decreased by up to 22%
  • Gross asset value of the organisations increased
  • Recruitment increased
  • Staff retention increased

... the STAR® programme encourages greater levels of resilience, self-reliance, confidence and trust between managers and employees, which in turn could contribute to an increase in overall productivity and a culture of continuous performance improvement.


Whilst every organisation has their own unique voyage through the programme... watch these video's to hear some examples of what other organisations have got out of it.

Developing Leaders in a Collaborative and Inclusive Culture

“It's really given our leaders and managers the skills and tools to be able to promote continuous learning.”

“It’s driving innovation across the business.”

“It’s laid the foundations for the continued evolution of the company and growth”

Chris Shaw, HR Manager at Amino Technologies

Building Engagement & Collaboration to Drive Growth

“This was the first time we'd been able to have a programme that fitted in with the way we actually operate, where managers are able to learn in their own time and without any major pressure."

“This programme really helped to engage people and has definitely helped towards our financial performance this year."

Luke Stanbridge, Commercial Director at Z-Tech

Innovation Through Inclusivity & Collaboration

“When you’re a very busy business with very busy people you don’t want to disrupt the schedule. What the programme helped us to realise is that you can introduce innovative training programmes into a busy schedule and you can, without fear of failure, try some of those operational things in the business the very next day."

“Pure Gold Dust!”

Glenn Fletcher, CEO of Tribosonics


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