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What is STAR™ Manager?

STAR™ Manager is a groundbreaking and world class management development programme aimed at increasing productivity, engagement and performance management. Our mission is simple, to build the capability of your Managers and Leaders to develop great people and maximise their potential for long-term, sustained performance improvement. STAR™ Manager is based on material delivered in our highly successful live, classroom-based training programmes that have delivered a significant, proven RoI for many organisations. The advantage of STAR™ Manager is that it is highly flexible and easily accessible and can be delivered to just one learner or to thousands, in any language - in a cost effective way.

At the heart of the programme is Notion's STAR™ Model, the world's first Operational Coaching model that enables managers to adopt coaching behaviours as part of their every day management style.

STAR™ Manager Results

The following data shows actual results for this programme:

How do I find out more?

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To get a taste of what this is all about, watch this short video of some clips from the programme! Turn the volume up to full, sit back and take two minutes to get excited!

What is Operational Coaching?

Operational coaching utilises what we have come to call an ‘enquiry led approach™’ towards leadership and management where the key is asking the right questions. Operational coaching is typically an unstructured conversation ‘on the fly’ that is focused on the matter at hand. Through Operational Coaching our aim is to bring about a sustainable change in behaviour for your managers - improving their all-around communication and people engagement skills as a part of their every-day management style

"The positive moment is realisation that a command culture is not the only way to get improvements! 

Coaching and development will help sustain long-term results, not just short-term fixes."

Notion Client

Benefits of Using an Operational Coaching Approach...

  • A proactive and solution based workforce
  • Increased engagement levels, which leads to reduced attrition
  • Increased team performance
  • Better collaborative working skills with peers through improved coaching conversations
  • Learning to ‘manage up’ by asking better questions
  • Helping to find powerful solutions to problems
  • Being better able to work with colleagues from different backgrounds, environments and cultures by adopting a coaching approach
  • Increased customer / client satisfaction by having a higher performing team
  • Being able to leverage the new coaching approach in your customer/client interactions
  • Turning around poor performance
  • Dealing better with difficult situations and conversations
  • Improved delegation
  • Improved client management

... plus many, many more!

How Will STAR™ Manager Rocket My Success?

STAR™ In the Words of Our Clients

"This has been the most rewarding insightful and enjoyable course in my 14 year career"

"99 x ROI to date including a new client win of $2m" ​ "Quicker delivery of a project into the business ... worth £1m pa savings" 

"Huge cultural change and business improvement could be achieved if more leaders and managers did more coaching."