Coaching Supervision and CPD for Internal Coaches

We offer a range of fully managed development programmes for accredited Internal Coaches including:

  • 1-to-1 Supervision
  • Group Supervision (virtual & physical)
  • CPD Masterclasses and Webinars

Our research into sustaining a pool of Internal Coaches that deliver an RoI evidences that the follow-up elements to coach training are often the most critical.  This is where it becomes possible to really leverage the original investment or unfortunately, see it wither away.  CPD and Supervision is therefore an important part of a longer term commitment to develop the performance and proactive culture within your internal coaches.

We strongly encourage our clients to ensure the continuing professional development of their qualified coaches. Specifically to:

Provide your recently trained coaches with quality supervision and coaching CPD to ensure that:

  • They are supported to deliver ever higher standards of internal coaching
  • They continue to develop and enhance their coaching skills


  • You gain the maximum leverage from the investment you have already made

At Notion, we are lucky to have one of the most experienced Supervision teams in the UK.  Between them they have supervised over 600 coaches over the last decade and as they are also highly experienced Executive Coaches they understand what it takes to be successful as a coach and to deliver great value to clients. As such, during our programmes, they share not just the theoretical practice but also recount any number of real life illustrations with the programme participants. This brings the programme to life and adds significant extra value. The end result for you will be motivated Executive Coaches (who not only understand the theory but also are commercially pragmatic), and a faster return on investment for your organisation. 

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I really enjoyed the programme, especially the supervision session and thought it was the best I had been to!  I believe Notion have raised the bar on our thinking and approach to coaching supervision in Sainsbury’s. As one of the original coaches from the first cohort I feel refreshed and inspired by this learning experience with Sue yesterday.

Executive Coach, Sainsbury's

Watch a clip of one of our Trainers explaining the objectives of Supervision for Internal Coaches

We walk our talk!  We insist that each member of our coaching team has their own Supervisor, as well as their own Coach. Please pick up the phone (01926 889885) or Request More Information if you would like to find out more about the CPD and Supervision programmes we can offer your organisation.

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"An excellent, comprehensive Coaching Skills Programme, delivered by very experienced and highly effective trainers. Came away inspired but also with a pragmatic toolkit. Highly recommended."  

Theresa Salter, Director, Time Out Associates Ltd

1-to-1 Supervision

Group Supervision

CPD Workshops & Webinars

Coach Supervision

1-to-1 Supervision

This is a formal confidential 1-to-1 supervision session with a Notion Senior Supervisor. These sessions can be delivered face to face, via Video conference (GTM/Webex/Skype) or Telephone conference and can, if delivered virtually, also be recorded for further reflection if required.

This format is most important when a Coach needs to discuss a confidential matter that has come up during a coaching session, that would be inappropriate to discuss in front of other Coaches in the business.

Our Approach

We base our supervision on two basic models. The first is Honey and Mumford’s model of learning styles, as derived from the work of Kolb, in which a permanent cycle is set up of action – reflection – theorising – planning – action. All these phases would form part of the supervision session, with a special emphasis on reflection, an important stage that others tend to skip.

The second model we would use is Hawkins and Shohet’s Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision. This model gives us seven different eyes or perspectives through which to view each coaching situation. We would help the coaches to use this model as a tool for self-reflection, to help prepare for supervision, to help ‘supervise’ themselves and for providing a map for working in the group.

Notion's approach to Coaching Supervision aims to:

  • Enhance the quality of the coaching
  • Provide an external support structure for coaches
  • Develop the coach’s ‘internal supervisor’ i.e. reflecting on one’s work constructively / objectively
  • Support the end-user clients
  • Help the coaches deliver coaching to meet organisational strategy

Preparation for the Coaching Supervision Session

One of the critical success factors for Supervision is learning to prepare properly for it. We provide resources to our clients to help Coaches prepare for their supervision sessions as well as sharing tools with the coaches to give to their clients to help the clients prepare for coaching – so enhancing the entire coaching experience.

Sue is clearly a very knowledgeable and experienced coaching supervisor and I feel that I have learned a great deal about myself and my coaching through these sessions.  Sue’s questions are appropriately challenging and I often find myself arriving at unexpected insights which have a significant positive impact on the quality of my coaching - she has also recommended some excellent resources on specific topics.

On a more personal level, Sue is warm, approachable and supportive. These attributes enable her to create a very safe supervision environment and I would have no hesitation in bringing concerns or difficulties to our supervision."

Sarah Dowling, UCL Internal Coach

Group Supervision

This is a facilitated formal group supervision session where between 6-8 supervision rounds may take place across the session, facilitated by a senior Notion Supervisor with other learning and tools covered. The benefits are learning not just from any areas you bring to the Supervision but also from those your colleagues bring. Learnings are discussed after each round and new tools shared as appropriate by the Supervisor in a workshop format.

The benefits to Coaches of Group Supervision are:

  • Learning from other group members, whether that be reinforcing or stretching one’s perspective
  • Enhancing the ‘observer’ function
  • Leveraging the experience of one individual to a larger group
  • Extending the knowledge base of coaches efficiently, sharing new tools and best practice
  • Networking and connecting with colleagues
  • Increased clarity about organisational or system-wide issues

I walked away from today's supervision session feeling able to approach my coaching sessions with new energy!  It was great to share others experiences and learn how they would approach situations with a different lens, get a few new models that can be used and use it is a reminder to keep me on my toes!

Internal Coach, Sainsbury's

If you are interested in putting together a supervision programme please call us now on 01926 889885 and we can discuss a bespoke coaching supervision programme to meet your organisation's requirements.

We aim to develop programmes that offer our clients the maximum flexibility and also the best return on investment. We are happy to put together a menu of options to meet organisational budgets and individual coaches needs. For example, we could include additional 1-to-1 telephone supervision as a way of picking up some of the coaches who are delivering higher volumes of coaching hours, or those coaches who have specific issues, without having to go down a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

More Information about Notion's Supervision

A Selection of our Supervisors

We are lucky to have one of the most experienced Supervision teams in the UK, who together have supervised almost 600 coaches over the last decade. Click on the images below to read example biographies of some of our Coach Supervisors.




The Coaching Supervisor’s role

Below are 8 examples of the role of the coaching supervisor:

  • Lead the group with an appropriate mix of direct and indirect interventions
  • Hold the relevant structures and boundaries
  • Create a safe environment for challenging learning
  • Provide relevant and helpful tools and ‘bite-sized’ educational inputs
  • Hold the appropriate balance between process and content
  • Help coaches make the links between their own process and that of their clients
  • Model and encourage reflection
  • Share best practice examples from outside the organisation and identify best practice examples from within the organisation

How often should you have a Coaching Supervision session?

As an organisation of Coaches, we at Notion, have our own Supervision policies in place and we insist that all our coaches are formally following a supervision programme (which is currently a minimum of 6 sessions a year, although many of our coaches exceed this standard).

There is no definitive recommendation as to frequency, although the following summarises a survey of a number of key professional bodies:

  • Association for Coaching - 1 hour to every 15 sessions with a minimum of 1 hour per month
  • BPS - 1 hour per month absolute minimum for experienced coaches with a minimal case load. They recommend Group supervision sessions should have no more than 7 members
  • CIPD - 1 hour to every 25 hours coaching for experienced coaches or1 hour to every 20 hours coaching for trainees or newly qualified coaches. They also recommend that thegap between supervision sessions should be no more than 6 weeks
  • EMCC, ICF and APECS - Regular sessions, but no specific frequency suggested

Please pick up the phone or contact us if you would like to schedule a supervision session for yourself or your organisation.

Coach Masterclasses

We work with clients to design bespoke programmes to ensure that Coaches skills stay sharp and that your trained resources remain motivated to continue to deliver into the business.

We can construct bespoke materials and sessions as required and depending on the subject may also be able to offer Video's and / or audio's of the programme and other resources for the delegates to leave with.

Whilst we have some example set annual programmes some of our clients prefer a ‘Selection Box’ approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that will not only allow you to further develop your coaches but also provides opportunities to completely bespoke your further development to meet your own organisational preferences and objectives. 

We can deliver;

  • Full-day and 1⁄2-day Master Classes
  • Webinars

... plus a range of other resources.

These programmes cover specific topics and are highly interactive. The main purpose is to continue to develop new skills for those Coaches who are interested in further developing their expertise.

Where they are in a workshop format they will have a high level of participation and best practice sharing as well as formal training and practising of new skills and tools.

I now feel really confident about coaching and more specifically how I can improve team performance

Internal Coach, Mitchells & Butlers

Examples of some of our recent Master Classes - please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Reflective Practice
  • Introduction to Supervision
  • Coaching the Team
  • Advanced Team Coaching
  • Goal Setting & STAR® Coaching
  • Moving Forward Client & Coach
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Leadership
  • Building Resilience and Mindfulness
  • Coaching in Academia
  • Advanced Communication Tools
  • Stepping outside your Comfort Zone as a Coach
  • Supporting Coachees to develop Gravitas
  • Helping Coachees Leverage their Time

Examples of some of our recent Webinars - please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Building Resilience and Mindfulness
  • Supporting Coachees to develop Gravitas
  • Stepping outside your Comfort Zone as a Coach
  • Helping Coachees Leverage their Time
  • Helping Coachees Deal with Overwhelm
  • Developing your Coachee’s Vision
  • Understanding Personal Dynamics at Work
  • Helping Coachees Effectively Manage Talent


Coaching Supervision - Some more testimonials... 

“In 2005, I asked Cathy to be my supervisor, both to assist in developing myself as a coach. Cathy helped me to be really present with the issues that I was tackling. In particular she helped me to review learning from different clients, and to improve my professional practice, and reflect on what this was showing me about myself as a coach.

The supervision gave me confidence, and certainly made me a better coach. Cathy helped me to clarify the decisions I needed to make about what I wanted to do, how I wanted to present myself, and the sorts of things other people would be looking for.

I am extremely grateful to Cathy, and I am delighted to be able to recommend Cathy Lasher, as a supervisor.”

Kate Graham

“I have known and worked with Cathy Lasher for almost 3 years. During that time she has worked with me one to one as my coaching supervisor and, in the case of one particular high profile client, as facilitator/coach/supervisor to a faculty of external coaches. What makes Cathy particularly powerful as a supervisor is that she not only focuses on the process of coaching others and helping me to work through particular scenarios with each coachee but she constantly challenges how I see my role in each relationship and how my natural way of being and seeing the world is enabling or potentially hindering true success. Her interventions are as much about building my skill confidence as they are about my coachees.

Cathy is hugely positively intended, non judgmental, straightforward and deeply insightful. She is not frightened of saying it the way she sees it and as such confronts difficult issues that others may not.  

When in facilitative mode she is superb at drawing things out from others; when in directive mode she is more than happy to add her own insights, which without fail enable others to see a different perspective.”

Lesley Anne Cox

“I have known Cathy Lasher as a professional coach and supervisor for over 10 years.  During the time we worked together, Cathy supported me to review my coaching experiences with a view to deepening my self awareness and my range of choices as a coach. Our supervision sessions sometimes involved listening to my coaching on tape and discussing general coaching concerns as well as exploring my more personal patterns and challenges. All this was done in a spirit of openness, acceptance, generosity, curiosity and exploration. Working with Cathy, in this way, was deeply supportive for my coaching practice.”

Janette Blakemore, INSIGHT COACHING

“Sue is very focused and constantly strives to get the best outcome for her supervisee. This is clearly evidenced in her supervision as she encourages me to reflect on my coaching with total honesty, raising my awareness and encouraging me to implement change as required. My belief is that she operates with total integrity, utilising a broad spectrum of skills from leadership, behavioural, and psychological models.”

Annie Richardson, Quantum Corporate Coaching

”Karen is a gifted coach and supervisor. Last year, I had a really great series of sessions with her that really moved me on. I am finding the acuteness of her questioning really helpful. If, like me, you have been thinking of taking on a supervisor, give Karen a go. I highly recommend her.”

Dawn Highmore, Metaphizz

“Karen's particular strength is in creating a space for me to think and feel and she does this brilliantly. The sense of clarity, connectedness and sense of fresh perspective after each session is enlightening. Karen brings a whole new emotional dimension and after every session I feel very much like my brain's reset button has been pressed leaving me feeling focused and in tune.”

Simon Crowe

Something to think about

"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life."
Chicago Tribune

“Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organisation.”
HR Monthly