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"During the 9 months working with Laura she has consistently brought valuable insights and techniques and often called on the addition resources that Notion offers, to assist with a specific issue. Laura's job to ensure 'I am accountable' for my actions and to challenge the choices I have made has transformed my thought processes and the techniques I employ to my business, ensuring my time is only spent on high value areas. I am now in control and own the direction of where we are going and have implanted into the business the tools required to ensure success.  Having dramatically improved my work and life balance, I have now decided to take some time out to enjoy the journey - something that would of been a distant dream just a few months ago!"

Paul Chase, MD, Catloc

"The personal and business benefits gained from coaching with Cathy were invaluable. The techniques she introduced me to helped me reach sound conclusions on issues I was dealing with. There was no real requirement to understand the type of business I run, more the way I run it or want to run it, therefore our time was maximised in dealing with the key objectives I wanted to improve on or problems I encountered where I needed a voice of reason to help see the way forward. This was a true partnership in every sense of the word." 

Claire Lawson, Managing Director, Camm & Hooper

"I have worked with Laura over the last two and a half years.  I found the sessions we had together, in planning for the future of the business and my own personal performance, to be instrumental in preparing me to lead the buyout for the business.  Laura has enabled me to focus on creating shareholder value, while at the same time challenging me to consider the existing multiples and leverage.

The qualities I appreciate about Laura are that she is objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging of myself and of the business.  The quality I value most about her is her great sense of humour. Laura was definitely our secret weapon in terms of helping me to think through the detail of the management buyout process.  I thoroughly recommend Laura and her team to anyone who requires this level of support." 

Jillian Maclean, MD, Drake & Morgan

"I have stopped being a workaholic, take better care of myself, and my sales will still double this year!" 

Charlotte Wilson, MD, Pure Events,

“The time I have spent with Martin has seen Orton Electrical not only survive the recent recession but also thrive in a declining and difficult construction based market. We have had our hard times however with the support of Martin I have made the correct decisions. Orton Electrical in this time has grown from one fragile company to three thriving companies employing in excess of 30 employees and increasing. Thank you Martin for being my coach.” 

Andy Lowe, MD, Orton Electrical

"Cathy’s a rare talent. Her unique blend of personal development and entrepreneurial business expertise has been instrumental in helping me to envision, design and realise personal and professional growth that now complement – and no longer conflict with - each other. It's very liberating to be so focused on growth."

 Leslie Boscheratto, start-up entrepreneur

"The year I spent working with Notion enabled me to focus on the big picture. By delegating more, I am delivering ambitious growth targets and expanding my business into new areas!"  

Keir McConomy, MD,

"I’ve reflected a lot about coaching and how it affected me.... it was brilliant .  I've raved about how positive the experience was for me. " 

Brett Schlesinger, MD,

"Marshmallow Creative and Notion have proved to be a scrumptious combination! Taking action and seizing an opportunity are now part of my daily to-do list. Working with Laura has changed the way I think as a business leader enabling me to put plans in place which take both myself and the Marshmallow brand to the next level - thank you!" 

Michelle Sommerville, MD, Marshmallow Creative,

"Sue, this is just a short note to thank you for facilitating our group mentoring sessions, your pro active engagement has enhanced the process, fostered good relationships and enabled focus on meaningful outcomes. Your ability to promote and keep the sessions enjoyable and significant, with a light touch, and an ability to know when not to speak or say too much, is a rare talent. Thank you once again." 

Paul Carter, MD, Panache Commercial Furniture Ltd

"Laura is a great individual who is highly motivated and with a lot of experience in dealing with people. She has helped get me back up to the motivated individual I was! I would thoroughly recommend her." 

Chris Davy, MD,

"Laura, I would like to record my appreciation of your excellent business coaching over the last 12 months. I have found your understanding of the ‘business problem’ refreshing and the strategies we have developed together have given my business renewed purpose and direction.  On a more personal note, the ability to simply share my concerns with a business minded peer has given me more peace of mind! With the recession beginning to bite I am certain that your involvement with this business means that we are better placed to ride it our and succeed in the future." 

Peter Sabel, Managing Director, The Merit Badge & Regalia Company

"Working with Notion has been invaluable to me personally and my business; the greatest discovery for me through coaching was that the biggest barrier in my business was me! And in order to move on and achieve my life goals and ambitions the first thing I had to change was my attitude to myself, not a fast process but one which I can work on everyday." 

Sarah Wiseman, MD, Sarah Wiseman Galleries

"Definitely worth giving it a try - will gain something whether in business or personal life."

Mohammed Zeeshan, Stylish Mobile

"Laura is truly inspirational. I have been impressed not only by her business savvy, but her ability to help implement the proposed solutions. She can be hands on, inside your business, or on the periphery providing the direction. Her understanding of contemporary/technological working methods means that she can apply her processes to SMEs and larger organisations. Highly recommended." 

Adrian Smith, Business Owner, ASPL

"Talking through business problems and successes with other people who are in the same position is of great benefit. In fact all but one of the participants are still meeting to support and mentor each other. The other participant is working with me in my business as a technical advisor one day per week."  

Sandra Hale, C H Materials Ltd

"Working with Notion, I became more focused, improved my presentation and grew the business by 40% in a year" 

MD, Savant Ltd,

"A large part of coaching is unscrambling your brain to set actions to develop a clear path towards your goals. Notion made me realise that you cannot do that alone." 

Robert Kelsey, MD, Moorgate Group,

"Laura has given me the confidence to know that I can make the right decisions for my business and build on my success! Thank you." 

Denise Penn, MD, X-Squared London

"Notion has forced me to confront and re-evaluate previously held convictions and to focus on critical factors that have helped me to determine my future objectives." 

Managing Director, Philip Harris Associates

"I gained a great deal from discussing business issues with people who understood." 

Will Buckley,

"Where there are negatives you offer positives. Where there are problems you offer solutions. There is learning motivation understanding and importantly a willingness to help achieve. Thank you!" 

Catherine Glachan,

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