Coaching Skills Training Testimonials

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“An invaluable development programme, especially for senior leaders in an organisation; huge culture change and business improvement could be achieved if more leaders did more coaching.”  

Kate Naylor, HR Director, Natures Way Foods Ltd

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“I have gained significant learnings from the 2-Day Coaching Skills Workshop. Our facilitator is clearly highly passionate about the wide subject of coaching & delivered it in an awesome style. well done, great two days.”

“The 4 days of workshops, supervised and unsupervised coaching circles along with the fantastic materials and toolkits have been undoubtedly the most professional and satisfying personal development experiences of my last 10 years at UCL.  Knowledgeable, helpful and extraordinarily gifted coach-leaders have enhanced the experience hugely.”  

Dave Carter, Careers Consultant, UCL

“Fantastic – Martin Goodyer was great.  He handled questions and challenges really effectively and he was able to bring models and examples to life.” 

Senior Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

Seeing the difference the programme has made to myself and the team has peaked everybody’s interest and we are now going to be running two Leader as Coach programmes internally. The leadership team is fully behind this because they can see that there is going to be a clear ROI.

Ian Woodward, Group HR Director, Caesers Entertainment

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“Cathy as facilitator was engaging, full of energy and extremely knowledgeable.  She balanced interactive elements, condensing learning and teaching new models really well.  The two-day course is a good level of content to enable you to have a good knowledge of practice to go back into ‘live’ environments.  The quality of materials is some of the best I’ve seen.”  

Amy Williams, Head of Marketing Planning, National Express

Watch this short clip from Dave Winkler, HR Director, Imtech Inviron...

“A brilliant journey.  Taken many learnings away and look forward to putting it into practice.” 

Richard Glass, Head of Openings, Mitchells & Butlers

“Our trainer delivered a high impact, challenging session, sharing some brilliant examples to bring the content to life! Fabulous session.”

Watch this short clip from Fernando Destefanis, HR Director, Diesel..

"What made me choose Notion was the phrase 'coaching in the moment' and one of my highlights of the programme was the pragmatic approach - you recognise that people don't always have time for formal coaching sessions. It was all very straight forward which meant that I saw members of the team putting things into practice straight away." 

Kate Naylor, HR Director, Hitachi Rail Europe

“I have never incorporated proper coaching into my work and was nervous about the course as I thought my lack of knowledge & experience would show.  However the course was very relaxed and information was delivered in an enthusiastic and supportive way.  I now feel confident to go back to work and put these and put these skills into place and will definitely change my management style as a result of this course” 

Jamie Griffiths, Team Manager, National Express

“I thought Cathy was one of the best facilitators I have experienced in a long while – she really knows her stuff! The presence of Sue was helpful too – really appreciated her input" 

Anne Skinner, HR Office Manager, UCL

Notion’s programme has been carefully constructed by experts in their field. They have brought to life a subject that everyone thinks they know about, but which in reality is a complex and demanding discipline. I am looking forward to putting my new skills into practice and using coaching to make a tangible difference in the organisation” 

Anonymous, HR Director

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days course.  I have now distinguished between coaching and mentoring and have definitely benefited from gaining new skills which I know will commercially benefit my business.”  

Sue Walsh, Retail Director, Mitchells & Butlers

"I want to let you know how pleased I have been with the decision to choose Notion.  I procrastinated over which Coaching course to take for 2 years - none of them came with Amazon stars and independent user reviews.  I finally took the plunge, and the experience has been everything I had hoped for."  

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“These sessions have allowed me to understand the difference behind coaching and the perceived wisdom around ‘coaching’.  My biggest learning has been that coaching techniques can be used effectively at pace and need not take too much time.”  

Simon King, Retail Director, Mitchells & Butlers

“Great materials, all in one place! Brilliant facilitators, addressing issues, not avoiding them, which is very helpful.” 

Vilma, Administrator, UCL

“A truly thought provoking & eye opening 2 days! So many internal light bulb moments, that I will now need to turn on again, slowly.”

“The course allowed for self reflection and more self awareness of coaching style and competence which enabled improvement and development of skills in a relaxed, fun environment.” 

Senior Manager, National Express

“Great insight by using a well tried and tested model that works.  I loved the fast paced environment. Facilitator demonstrated great skills to ensure all participants contributed.” 

Senior Executive, International Retailer

"An invaluable 3 days which has led to an even deeper desire to become an excellent coach.  The course, supervised calls and feedback sessions have been fantastic.  Thank you.”  

Karen Baskett, Mitchells & Butlers

“I have found this course to demystify coaching, whilst giving a flexible structure for implementation of coaching into my organisation.  It is lively, engaging and tiring but it very, very enjoyable.  I now feel that I have the tool kit for becoming a very successful coach.”  

Janet Dixon, Head of HR, Aunt Bessie’s Ltd

“It has been a very positive experience and I have learnt some valuable tools to use back in the workplace.  I look forward to catching up with my ‘coaching circles’ in the coming weeks.” 

Sue Dixon, Pricing Implementation Manager, National Express

“The experiential learning has really enhanced my development & understanding of coaching. Fantastic course allowing me to test out various tools and techniques in a safe environment” 

Bal Jacob, Head of HR, NFU

“Martin was a superb facilitator who got the pitch perfect, the timing spot on and was engaging and funny. He really made the subject matter easy to understand and practice” 

Senior Executive, Mitchells and Butlers

“This is a really engaging course with Bob, lots of great content which I can now translate into the workplace.  It was a great opportunity for the leadership team to interact and support each others development.” 

Sarah Brinkley, Head of Finance-Expense Management, International Retailer

“My manager told me that this course would change me in a positive way.  She was right.  These past two days have left me with a renewed sense of confidence.  I now have the coaching tools that will help me become a better manager.  The real winners will be my team and the customers of National Express.”  

Senior Manager, National Express

"We are in the process of creating a global coaching programme for the restructured management team. It is going to be done in-house based on the skills we now have, we could never have done that it we hadn’t had formal training."

Rebecca Berry, HR Director, Loyds Register Quality Assurance

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“Life-changing is an overused phrase, but this has given me the start of a better direction not just for me but for everyone I meet” 

Senior Executive, Mitchells and Butlers

“The experiential learning has really enhanced my development and understanding of coaching. Fantastic course allowing me to test out various tools and techniques in a safe environment."

Anonymous, HR Director

"Notion’s knowledge and level of professionalism is outstanding. They design and deliver products to an exceptionally high standard. The emphasis they place on ROI means they have provided solutions that are effective, business focused and measurable. They have been fantastic to work with." 

Ruth Stern, Learning & Development, Royal Mail

“An exceptionally motivating workshop with a great mix of content, tools and practice opportunities.  I am really looking forward to developing my skills and becoming an excellent coach.”  

Karen Beasley, Head of Customer Experience, National Express

“This is a truly high quality, practical, useable course with a great balance of tools and practice.  This coaching stuff really works.  Cathy Lasher is a fabulous trainer.”  

Kate Burrows, Learning and Development Project Manager, Natures Way Foods 

“It was a really effective two days. I would say the most effective course/workshop I have had during the past. Thank you.”


“A fresh and insightful take on Coaching. It was great to have a refresher on the familiar areas, but also to learn new things too.”


“This course has brought together elements of styles of leadership & management I have been using into a very focused and effective style of improving performance, motivation, engagement and satisfaction. Amazing” 

Nick O’Donnell, Retail Business Manager, Mitchells and Butlers

“Excellent facilitation of coaching course. Helped solve real issues as well as teaching the theory.” 

Head of Demand Forecasting, International  

“Excellent training – extremely qualified facilitators making coaching practical and striving for excellence”

Helen Scare, Head of HR, Wanzl Ltd

“It’s been fabulous! Lots of really great material, but the thing that really sets it apart is the quality of the coaching tuition. Cathy and Martin are hugely experienced coaches and it’s the benefit of having them in the room working with you that really brings the great material alive and enhances and accelerates your learning. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough!” 

HR Director, National Express

"Very good tool for creating a culture of thinkers rather than followers" 

Martin Davies, General Manager of Catering (ICC), NEC Group

“A really beneficial course which has been expertly tutored by Martin and has renewed my focus on what I want to achieve in the future and how I can help others”

Senior Executive, Mitchells and Butlers

“2 examples used in my practical exercises were live examples and they totally led me through the process to solving my own problem – something I have been thinking about for over a year. Highly recommended even if you are sceptical.”

Watch this short clip from Lorinda Schutte, Executive HR Director, Les Ambassadeurs Club...

“Useful guidance that I will use in my day-to-day role.”  

Senior Manager, National Express

"Extremely good value for money, high standards of tuition from Martin & Cathy and excellent supporting materials."

Theresa Salter, HR Director, Jones Lang Lasalle

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme. What I like is that it really stretches the way I think & the accompanying literature & process to continue this in Mitchells and Butlers adds such a weight of credibility to the seriousness the organisation is taking the programme” 

Senior Executive, Mitchells and Butlers

“Great course with practical tips. A fun day, thank you.” 

bSenior Manager, International Retailer

“Great course with practical tips. A fun day, thank you.” 

Senior Executive, International Retailer

"Fantastic course, I feel I have learned loads but only the tip of the Iceberg. Excellent facilitators wealthy knowledge to share." 

Sharon Webber, Head of Talent, Metro London

“I felt I knew what coaching was until I came on this course with Cathy Lasher, I know feel equipped to use the coaching models to support our business goals.”  

Graham Price, National Express

“I loved the course, both the materials we worked through and the format of how it was delivered. Jackie and Cathy were awesome. I loved Jackie’s jokes and stories, wish she told more of them! Absolutely enjoyed that we got to practice coaching on a lot of occasions, getting feedback straight away. Thank you!” 

Gabija Toleikyte, UCL

"An extremely valuable 8 hours - really opened my eyes to thinking more about Coaching vs Managing / Doing. Will absolutely use aspects learned today in my working life... and I am sure this will have a positive impact on the development of my people."  

Oliver Meakin, Brand Operations Director, Mitchells & Butlers

“Bob is confident in his facilitating role and has a thorough knowledge of the subject.  He is enthusiastic, and involved the whole group across the two days.”  

Senior Manager, National Express

“This programme has taken my coaching to another level. I liked the fact that you keep reinforcing with the practice sessions in order to link the different stages together. Ultimately it has helped me to be more structured and helped me measure the impact of coaching better." 

Victoria Waters, Head of L&D, Laser UK

"A very informative and enjoyable learning experience. Really looking forward to using a new set of skills in making a more effective difference in the future." 

AWC, Royal Mail

“The course is well presented and if adopted will undoubtedly bring further benefits to the organisation.” 

Senior Manager, National Express

"The coaching circles were very useful as a small group we got on well and learnt from each other, in fact, we are still meeting now even after the coaching has finished. It was an eye opener and has given me lots of different insights." 

Brian Wark, HR Director DS Smith Packaging

“I found the coaching workshop valuable, not only as it provided me with another tool to better support the staff I work with, but because it gave the opportunity for quality reflection. Participating in coaching circles and learning about differing learning preferences taught me much about the way I work best, and how I can alter my ‘default’ communication and management style to get the most out of both those around me and the situations I find myself in.Coaching can be a highly powerful business tool; instrumental in powering change and self-discovery, uncovering strengths and skill sets currently unrecognised by the individual and leading to a shift in responsibility and empowerment from the manager to the employee. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to better understand the people they manage, or those wanting to stimulate growth and development within their team.”  

Head of Client Services Training, Affiliate Window

“A very helpful couple of days to help develop my coaching ‘muscles’.  I feel very much that I am at the start of a long but rewarding journey.”  

Ric Fyfe, Mitchells & Butlers

“Bob created an atmosphere we all felt confident in, a great facilitator!” 

Nick Stragnell, Head of Digital, International Retailer

“Lively interactive session.  Good facilitation which kept me fully engaged” 

Samantha Ward, Project Portfolio Manager, International Retailer

“As a result of the training I now have a more engaged team who are beginning to own their own results and feeling empowered.  My performance is ahead of my peers and has improved since I have begun to become a better coach.”  

"This is a great course I can’t recommend it highly enough! Very good course overall, great content with very knowledgeable and insightful teachers. Would definitely recommend."

Louise Frayne, Head of HR, RCPCH

“Nice pace training agenda, the material was easy to understand and flowed well.  Instructor was very passionate of field of expertise.  Well done!”  

Claire Horvath, National Express

"Sue has been my coaching supervisor for nearly a year. In that time we have had three telephone supervision sessions which I have found to be of enormous benefit.  Sue is clearly a very knowledgeable and experienced coaching supervisor and I feel that I have learned a great deal about myself and my coaching through these sessions.  Sue’s questions are appropriately challenging and I often find myself arriving at unexpected insights which have a significant positive impact on the quality of my coaching.  Sue has also recommended some excellent resources on specific topics.On a more personal level, Sue is warm, approachable and supportive. These attributes enable her to create a very safe supervision environment and I would have no hesitation in bringing concerns or difficulties to our supervision." 

Sarah Dowling, UCL Internal Coach

“A fantastic way to add structure to coaching conversations i’m having day in & day out. I’m excited by the magic that I now know, powerful coaching can elicit in colleagues behaviour.”

“A brilliant environment created amongst the group – very open & honest with feedback.  So much valuable content to take into work immediately.” 

Senior Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

“Although initially quite sceptical about the premise and practice of coaching, specifically how it would sit with me, I found the course to be a very valuable experience. After going in blind as to what coaching entailed I found that not only does it help the way you approach everyday situations in the workplace, and enables you to work more effectively with colleagues, but also how you address and overcome problems yourself.” 

Account Director, Affiliate Window  

“I found the course thought provoking.  I became aware that questioning in coaching workshops became easier with practice and will be continuing to practise these skills in the workplace and at home.  I feel the course has helped me to understand how effective I can be in helping to meet my departmental targets.”  

Bob Stanton, National Express

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