Digital Marketing Executive

This is a dynamic fast paced role that will appeal to someone with the rare mix of skills that combine creativity with strong commercial, strategic and analytical skills... oh yes and you'll also have high standards and love juggling multiple tasks whilst working under pressure... so a normal 'Notion' job then! It's never a dull moment here and every day is unique!

The full job description can be found by pressing the blue button, either above or below, which tells you everything you might want to know about the role. 

If you are up for the challenge then just complete the short online application (purple button) and send us a short video (orange button). We look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you soon.

Our recruitment process includes:

... a 3-step process to help us find our ideal Digital Marketing Executive and to help you decide if you would love working with us every day.

  • Step 1: Apply online by completing the online application form and short intro video. We’re looking for you to show us you have the key skills we’re looking for.
  • Step 2: A face-to-face interview in our HO in Leamington Spa, meet with some of the team and an opportunity to complete some short role based assessments. You can stay for a few hours or even up to a day, (pending your availability) to help you get a real sense of the environment and meet the people you will be working with. While you are here you will also conduct some simple profiles that include: e.g. MBTI, Belbin, (role and work type assessments) as well as relevant short 'exercises' on various platforms (no more unusual than Excel, PowerPoint and/or Word) to review your familiarity with core technology, and your written ability. It's also an opportunity for us to explain the role a bit more, we can get to know you and you can speak to someone who has been in the company for a while and has completed all or parts of this role - so they can also answer your questions honestly and give you more of an insight into life at Notion. 
  • Step 3: A final face-to-face interview in Leamington Spa with our Director. This is the final hurdle – you are here because you hopefully like us and we like you and we think this could really work. You will be part of a small shortlist at this stage. In this last interview you will be set a creative marketing task (in advance) directly related to the job that you will present to the Directors for the first 10 minutes and then the rest of the time will be a straight forward interview with a chance to ask all your final questions. 
  • Step 4: There isn’t really one – just for us to hopefully offer you the job and for you to hopefully accept it!

To apply please:

  • Read the 'Full Job Description' document
  • Create your short 3-5 minute video (read the 'Video Information' document hidden behind the orange button)
  • Click the 'Purple' button to complete the online Application Form

Nervous about the video task?
There's no need to be - simply watch this video to learn more about what we'd like you to do :)

Once you have completed the video, please email it to us at  We will receive your online Application Form automatically through our systems.

If you have any questions at any point please just give us a call.

Thank you for your interest in Notion!