How to Choose The Best Coaching Skills Solution For Your Organisation

Coaching has become increasingly popular as a learning and development strategy in organisations, with many rating it as the third most commonly used tool. This suggests that coaching is being embraced by organisations and is perceived as playing an important commercial role.

Indeed, carefully embedded coaching skills should bring about enormous benefits for organisations, however, in terms of effectiveness, CIPD reports show that coaching still falls behind in-house development programmes and on the job training.

It seems that despite its popularity, organisations are finding it really difficult to translate the practice of coaching into tangible outcomes. So what is happening?

In part one of our white paper, we start by exploring some of the obstacles that hinder the effectiveness of coaching in organisations. In part two, we provide top tips to help organisations make the best choice of coaching skills training based on their own specific needs.

We put all of this into context in part three, by presenting some of our client case studies, each representing a different way of bringing coaching skills into their organisations and demonstrating the fantastic results they were able to achieve by following our top tips. In response to the many frequently asked questions we receive, part four will address the issues that are commonly raised by organisations wanting to make the right decision.

Lastly, in part five, we offer our final thoughts about what really makes coaching skills training effective in organisations.

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