Developing your Client's Vision

Understand the rules that will make your clients more successful and help them to define what they really want!

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Understand the rules that will make your clients more successful and help them to define what they really want!

On this CD you will discover:

  • The importance of understanding the set of rules that will make your Clients more successful
  • What your Clients need to stop doing as well as what they need to do more of
  • The 7 steps to deciding exactly what your Clients wan
  • tAnd most importantly this CD contains a specific step-by- step exercise to help your clients define a clear and deliverable vision and strategy for their business or department and the tools to be able to communicate it clearly to their team

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The information on this programme will help you help your client's formulate a clear vision and strategy for their business or organisation - within 2 hours! It covers the theory behind success and demonstrates an example of a coached exercise to work through all aspects of a client's business (or department) and identify in detail where they want to take the business and what specific actions they need to take to get there.There is also a debate and discussion about how to apply these ideas in a range of different client situations.This programme provides practical  coaching tools as well as theory that you can use when working with clients looking to develop a stronger vision. The exercise can also be adapted and used in group workshops with teams to develop a combined team vision everyone can buy into.


Here's what other coaches have to say about this programme...

"I used the success wheel exercise with a senior executive within the public sector to set the directorate 5 year strategy. She then took the model and used it on her team away day. I cant recommend it highly enough."


Executive Coach, W. Midlands


About the Experts on this CD

On this programme Dominic Ashley-Timms, your host, interviews one of the UK’s leading Business Coaches, Martin Goodyer, to share with us the key strategies to be able to develop strong visions. Dominic also hosts a discussion with Martin and Laura Ashley-Timms about applying these concepts in different client situations. 


Martin Goodyer’s unique combination of skills, experience and business credibility result in him being in high demand from successful business owners. With more than 30 years combined business management, consulting, coaching and mentoring experience, he is an expert in helping clients achieve significant profitability and performance improvements. Martin has also appeared on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel.

Laura Ashley-Timms is the co-founder of the UK’s leading Business Coaching company and a highly experienced coach who helps her client’s achieve growth rates of 40-100% per year. Laura ensures that all the information discussed in the interview can be broken down into a specific exercise you can use with your clients. Together, Laura and Martin also explore the subject in further depth and discuss how the ideas and concepts might be applied in different coaching situations. 

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What is included in Developing your Client's Vision?

  • Your CD or MP3


  • Your Workbook

    Which includes your coached through action plan and additional resources around the subject


  • Bonus Materials 

    Bonus 1 (included in your workbook)  -  50 critical questions you can ask your clients  to help them design their watertight business or departmental strategy


    Bonus 2 - An additional Welcome CD or MP3 that explains how to get the most out of this programme


  • Optional Bonuses

    Bonus 3 – 1-Month free trial membership to Maintaining Coaching Excellence - normally £39.77 + vat per month