Overcoming Time Issues

Ideas to help clients with a 'Lack of Time' to better leverage their time, to maximise performance

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Ideas to help clients with a 'Lack of Time' to better leverage their time, to maximise performance

On this CD you will…

  • Begin to differentiate between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Build a stronger picture of how your client’s time should be employed for maximum Return on Investment
  • Be shown strategies to help your client’s really leverage their time
  • Be given a step by step guide you can use to help your client develop their own personal productivity plan

There’s always more to do than time available to do it – we've yet to find a client (or a coach for that matter) who doesn't wish there was some magic formula to create more than 24 hours in a day.

Well, time is a great leveller - rich or poor, we all have the same 720 minutes to spend each day. Yet, how much of our (or our clients) daily activity can we honestly say contributes directly to our success?

Listen to the audio and use the coached exercise with your clients to discover what they need to stop doing that doesn’t make commercial sense, and identify what it is they should be doing more of. We’re not just talking about hackneyed old ‘time management’ techniques here - this is a very powerful exercise!

I’m sure you and your clients can find many reasons not to get around to listening to the conversation, and if either of you can, then this is precisely why you need to listen – we promise you’ll both begin to look at what you do each day in a different light!

This programme provides practical coaching tools, as well as theory, that you can use when working with clients. Within the audio we include an example of a coached exercise that you can use to help your clients improve their time leverage. There is also a debate and discussion about how to apply these ideas in a range of different client situations.

Here's what other coaches have to say about this programme...

"I get bored of old time management theories, it's fairly basic management training, but this programme is different. It has helped me reframe the issue of 'lack of time' with my clients and offer constructive and simple techniques to change their thinking about how they spend their time - to leverage better results every day."

Corporate Coach, Norwich 


About the Experts on this CD

On this programme Dominic Ashley-Timms, your host, interviews a leading time expert and one of the UK’s leading Business Coaches, Carol McLachlan, to share with us the key strategies and concepts around Time Leverage. He also hosts a discussion with Martin Goodyer and Laura Ashley-Timms about applying these concepts in different client situations. 


Carol McLachlan is a leading Business Coach and Speaker on the subject of personal productivity and effectiveness following a successful career within Ernst and Young. Carol is in demand by business owners across the country as she shows them how to discover the areas where they can develop the most leverage i.e. the biggest, commercial ‘bang for their buck’ for time within the business. She writes extensively, is the agony aunt for an internationally circulated business magazine, and she works with organisations and business associations across the UK. 

As two of the UK’s leading Business Coaches, Laura Ashley-Timms and Martin Goodyer ensure that all the information that Carol shares with you can be broken down into a specific exercise you can use with your clients as well as exploring the subject in further depth and discussing how the ideas and concepts might be applied in different coaching situations.  

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What is included in Overcoming Time Issues?

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    Which includes your coached through action plan and additional resources around the subject


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Our Guarantees

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  • If after listening to the programme and completing the step-by-step exercise yourself (or with a client) you cannot determine actions that you can implement to add genuine value to yourself or your clients, you can return the programme within the first 30 days for a 100% no quibble, no hassle refund.
  • We guarantee we shall make it easy for you to use these materials to further develop yourself as a coach.
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