Are You Future Ready?

As we approached the end of the year, many of us sought the comfort of millennia old traditions that have become important to us over time. Whatever they may be, these cathartic experiences and events can help us to say goodbye to the year behind us and to process what has gone before.This ‘rounding off’ process offers us a welcome opportunity to enjoy the status quo before moving into an unknown New Year – but just for a moment.

Nowadays life moves at an incredible pace and ‘standing still’ is a luxury that most organisations cannot afford. The New Year will bring new challenges for the organisation but in these highly capricious times, don’t organisations need to think past the annual trajectory and consider whether they are future ready?

There are no obvious signs that change will abate.The volatile and unpredictable political and economic situation occurring across the world is further compounded by the speed of technological advancements that are changing the way we work.These environmental forces are stretching our understanding of the world and throwing accepted paradigms into disarray.

The future organisation is likely to be unrecognisable to today’s typical organisation. Take a look at these comparisons – if these predictions are right, how future ready is your organisation?

What becomes abundantly clear is that the leadership and management challenge is quite different and preparing Leaders and Managers to be future ready is one step that organisations can take this new year to extend the scope of their trajectory planning. Gone are the days where Leaders and Managers have the ability or the capacity to be all-knowing and all-controlling. 

A new, more flexible set of skills is required that will help Leaders and Managers to mobilise intelligence and release resourcefulness in a way that can enable an entire workforce. 

A sweeping ‘one-size-fits-all’ management practice will need to be replaced by something more individualised, authentic and relevant. By adopting an operational coaching style of management and taking an ‘enquiry-led approach’ Leaders and Managers can start building the foundations that will be essential to ensure that the organisation is future ready.

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Laura Ashley-Timms - Director of Coaching